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YouTube’s Censorship War on Conservative Voices: A Threat to Free Speech

YouTube's recent crackdown on conservative commentators and their content, particularly regarding transgenderism, raises concerns about the erosion of free speech. This article delves into the censorship issues faced by The Daily Wire and highlights the implications for the future of online discourse.

YouTube, the popular video streaming platform owned by Google, is facing accusations of silencing conservative voices that dare to criticize the effects of transgenderism on society, particularly on the well-being of children. The Daily Wire CEO, Jeremy Boreing, recently took to Twitter to call out YouTube for censoring his network's top personalities and their programs due to their commentary on transgender issues. The platform's labeling of any critical analysis as "hate speech" has led to limited monetization and outright censorship for The Daily Wire hosts, such as Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, and Jordan B. Peterson.


 YouTube's Suppression of The Daily Wire

Attempted Documentary Streaming and Consequences

The first incident occurred when The Daily Wire attempted to stream its documentary, "What is a Woman?" directed by Matt Walsh. YouTube punished the account, preventing the film from being streamed. Furthermore, YouTube locked and banned the channels of both Candace Owens and Michael Knowles, who host popular shows on The Daily Wire.

 YouTube's Response and Criticism

Is Free Speech in America a Delusion?

In response to the bans, YouTube defended its actions, citing violations of hate speech and harassment policies. YouTube admitted that content was removed from the Candace Owens Podcast channel and a strike was issued. Consequently, the channel was temporarily suspended from uploading content for one week. The same action was taken against Michael Knowles' account. Jeremy Boreing, in a series of tweets, highlighted the irony that The Daily Wire is one of the most popular news outlets on YouTube, with over 157 million views in a week, yet it is on the verge of losing access to the platform.

YouTube's Increasing Censorship and Conservative Concerns

Escalation of Censorship by Big Tech

Candace Owens, herself a victim of YouTube's censorship, expressed concerns over the growing suppression of conservative voices. She noted that the censorship model of Big Tech has intensified in recent years, particularly after Donald Trump assumed the presidency. Owens further highlighted how her content related to topics like the Wuhan coronavirus and Black Lives Matter has also faced censorship by Big Tech platforms.

 The Importance of Preserving Free Speech

Subheading: Upholding the Truth

Despite the challenges faced by conservative voices on platforms like YouTube, Owens emphasized that truth ultimately prevails. The suppression of dissenting opinions not only limits free speech but also hampers meaningful discourse on important societal issues. It is crucial to safeguard the principles of free speech and promote open dialogue, allowing diverse perspectives to coexist in the digital realm.


YouTube's recent actions against The Daily Wire and its hosts, based on allegations of hate speech, raise concerns about the erosion of free speech in the online space. Conservative voices, such as Candace Owens and Michael Knowles, have faced temporary bans and content removal. This censorship trend by Big Tech platforms like YouTube poses a threat to open dialogue and hinders the exploration of different viewpoints. Upholding the principles of free speech is essential for a healthy democracy and a thriving online community. It is imperative that society continues to promote open discussion and freedom of expression, ensuring that diverse perspectives can flourish in the digital landscape.

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