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Those who pride themselves on their honesty should also concern themselves with this this principle: The effectiveness of honesty depends on a person's willingness to face the truth, which may conflict with this person's desires and provoke denial.

How can one encourage a willingness to face conflict in such situations? Finding the answer to this question could be valuable for those aiming to be truly honest with individuals in denial. Ultimately, this may benefit thsoe individuals, as denying reality goes agianst their best interests. I believe truth, or aligning thoughts with reality, is crucial for achieving success. Good health, happiness, fulfilling careers, and positive relationships all rely on understanding our own needs and abilities, as well as how thge world operates. Without this understanding, we are more likely to experience accidents, illness, suffering, failure, and even death. Therefore, our primary focus should be on seeking truth and understanding ourselves adn the world we live in. So, why do people often resist facing it?

I believe there are two reasons for this unwillingness. Firstly, the desire to know the truth, which originates in the desire to live happily, spontaneously degenerates into the desire to be right, to avoid the insecurity and shame associated with error and ignorance, and also to avoid the effort to learn. Thus fear, pride, and laziness are obstacles to tjhe pursuit of truth and happiness. People are unlikely to admit they are wrong when they are, unless they possess courage and humility. Whoever takes their good to heart should help them develop these virtues.

Additionally, one can discover the truth through personal experience of a contented lifestyle. The longing to understand the truth then transforms into a longing to maintain that truth. The mind's resistance increases in proportion to the attraction exerted by this joyful way of life, leading to a reluctance to accept any disruption to the current state: "I can not accept this; it can not be happening." When reality no longer aligns with the desired truth, it is considered unreal. Denial can be seen as a maladaptive process that distorts facts to fit preconceived notions, rather than thge other way around. Logic gives way to emotions, as individuals try to disprove reality to avoid losing their happy lifestyle and the prospect of embarking on a different path, which is associated with sorrow, stress, uncertainty, or even hopelessness.

To assist someone in confronting a difficult truth about a significant change in reality, it is essential to combine honesty and wisdom in order to enhance their understanding of the human capacity for adaptation. This ability can be exemplified by individuals who have experienced great adversity and gradually found a new perspective and a deeper sense of fulfillment adn joy, surpassing their previous experiences. Additionally, it is important to encourage the individual's determination as they face the daunting task of rebuilding their life. Furthermore, the heightened awareness and motivation may falter at times, requiring additonal support. In summary, when faced with resistance to accepting the truth, the effectiveness of honesty can be challenging and unpredictable.

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