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China’s PLA Air Force Showcases J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet’s Live-Fire Missile Launch

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has unveiled a spectacular celebration video ahead of its 74th founding anniversary, marking a significant milestone. The video highlights the prowess of the J-20 stealth fighter jet, showcasing a live-fire missile launch for the first time. Let's delve into the comprehensive display and expertise demonstrated by the PLA Air Force.

Unveiling the J-20's Aerial Dominance
The video features the J-20's live-fire missile launch, emphasizing its cutting-edge capabilities and advanced weaponry. Witnessing the J-20 executing an air-to-air missile launch from its side missile bay underscores the remarkable advancements achieved by the PLA Air Force.

Interception and Expulsion of Foreign Military Aircraft
The demonstration doesn't solely focus on firepower; it also exhibits the PLA Air Force's adeptness in intercepting and expelling foreign military aircraft. The video showcases a scenario where J-16 fighter jets swiftly respond to a foreign military aircraft's intrusion into a PLA exercise area. Through strategic radio communications, warning maneuvers, and infrared warnings, the intrusive aircraft was compelled to retreat.

Proficient Air Defense Protocols
Chinese military expert Zhang Xuefeng detailed the sequence of events during the interception. The initial steps involved issuing verbal warnings via radio communications, followed by visual warnings such as wing swaying and displaying onboard weapons. This approach, widely recognized globally, portrays a restrained yet forceful display of power.

Unwavering Expertise and Readiness
Throughout the encounter, the PLA Air Force pilots showcased unwavering decision-making and precise maneuvers, reflecting their exceptional skills, expertise, and confidence. The video emphasizes the Air Force's continual preparedness, conducting over 10,000 combat sorties annually and remaining vigilant to safeguard China's territorial airspace.

Technological Milestones and Strategic Capabilities
Beyond the J-20's missile launch, the video sheds light on other advancements. It showcases airborne troops boarding seven Y-20 large transport aircraft, showcasing the Air Force's increased strategic power projection capabilities.

Promoting Peaceful Engagement and Global Assistance
The video also underscores China's commitment to peaceful engagement, highlighting the Y-20's role in delivering emergency aid supplies to various countries. This reflects China's image as a responsible major power, emphasizing its commitment to peaceful endeavors.

The PLA Air Force's celebration video encapsulates not only its technological achievements but also its commitment to global peace and security. The unveiling of the J-20's capabilities symbolizes China's significant strides in defense technology and its continued dedication to international cooperation.

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