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Premier Danielle Smith Apologizes to the Unvaccinated: A Historic Moment for Human Rights

Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta, Canada, makes history as the first major elected politician to issue a heartfelt apology to the unvaccinated for the violation of their human rights during Covid lockdowns. This blog explores the significance of her apology, the ongoing discrimination against the unvaccinated, and the attempts by mainstream media and Big Tech to silence her.

In a groundbreaking move, Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta, Canada, has taken a bold step by offering a sincere apology to the unvaccinated individuals who were subjected to discrimination and human rights violations during the Covid-19 lockdowns. This unprecedented act of acknowledgment sheds light on the growing concerns surrounding the impact of vaccines on virus transmission and the unforeseen consequences faced by the vaccinated population. This blog post examines Premier Smith's apology, its implications for human rights, and the subsequent attempts to silence her by mainstream media and Big Tech.

Premier Danielle Smith's Apology: A Historic Moment for Human Rights:

As the first major elected politician in the world to express remorse for the government's treatment of the unvaccinated, Premier Danielle Smith has set a precedent that may shape future discourse on human rights during pandemics. With a genuine sense of regret, she publicly apologized to those who faced discrimination based on their vaccine status, acknowledging the inappropriate actions taken against them. Moreover, Premier Smith extended an invitation to government employees who were dismissed due to their vaccine status, signaling a willingness to rectify the harm caused by the government's authoritarian approach.

Consideration of Legal Amnesty for Lockdown Offenses:

In an even more remarkable move, Premier Smith hinted at the possibility of granting legal amnesty to Albertans who faced charges related to Covid-19 lockdown offenses. This potential amnesty demonstrates the premier's commitment to addressing the injustices suffered by the unvaccinated population. If implemented, this amnesty would serve as a significant step towards reconciling the disparities created during the pandemic and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

The Unvaccinated: Victims of Discrimination:

Premier Smith emphasizes that unvaccinated individuals have endured severe discrimination throughout the pandemic. In her experience, the unvaccinated have faced unprecedented marginalization, highlighting the urgent need for a more inclusive and understanding society. By acknowledging this discrimination, Premier Smith brings attention to the plight of the unvaccinated, encouraging a more empathetic approach in public discourse and policymaking.

Mainstream Media and Big Tech's Attempts to Silence Premier Smith:

Predictably, Premier Smith's heartfelt apology has not gone unnoticed by mainstream media and Big Tech platforms. The premier has been subjected to attacks and attempts to silence her, as evidenced by the recent suspension of her Facebook account. Premier Smith has voiced her concerns about the increasing threat to free speech posed by both government censorship and the actions of powerful technology companies. Her case serves as a reminder that the suppression of ideas and opinions can impact individuals in positions of authority, limiting their ability to communicate with the public.


Premier Danielle Smith's apology to the unvaccinated represents a monumental moment in the fight for human rights during the Covid-19 pandemic. By acknowledging the discrimination faced by the unvaccinated and considering legal amnesty for lockdown offenses, she sets a powerful precedent for politicians and governments worldwide. However, the attempts to silence her by mainstream media and Big Tech highlight the importance of defending free speech and upholding democratic values. It is crucial for individuals across the political spectrum to unite against censorship and foster an environment where diverse opinions can be expressed openly and respectfully. Premier Smith's apology serves as a rallying cry to protect human rights, encouraging a more inclusive and understanding society for all.

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