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ictim of Abuse and Molestation

Bella Thorne, a former Disney child star, has claimed that she was a victim of abuse and molestation in Hollywood and that directors and producers in the entertainment industry are involved in pedophile activities.

There have been multiple accounts from child stars over the years alleging the existence of a pedophile ring in Hollywood, and some have called for those involved to be held accountable and face prison time.

Bella Thorne described an incident of abuse that occurred when she was a 10-year-old child on a film set. During an interview on a podcast, she said that a director had blamed her for attempting to "flirt" with him and that as a result, she was not hired for the job. Thorne's agent and mother were informed of the director's accusations.

To put it another way, the director was a pervert, and he put the blame on the little girl, who was only 10 years old, who was the object of his fascination.

It has come to this, where perverts will blame the youngsters, and then give the nasty disorder a new nice label like "minor-attracted folks." This is the sad state that our society has descended to. Bella Thorne claims that this was not the first time she had been abused or molested, as the incidents began when she was only 6 years old and continued until she was at least 14 years old, all while those around her on the film and photo shoot sets "did nothing" to stop it. Bella Thorne was abused or molested beginning when she was just 6 years old and continuing until she was at least 14 years old. This seems like the standard Hollywood production.

Has any film director or producer been found guilty of molesting children and sentenced to prison time for their crimes? Where are the people who are prosecuting? The name Harvey Weinstein has been said a thousand times by each of us, but what about all of the other people? Is he the only one being brought to justice for his crimes in the huge swamp of perverts, rapists, and pedophiles that populates the Left-wing Hollywood and Disney sets?

We are all supposed to accept all of the gender-bending philosophies, drugs, and surgeries that go along with sex-crazed and confused people. Now, we are all supposed to accept with loving arms when pedophiles push all of this on children right out in the open, in movies, shows, and on the sets too? In a world of trans-everything, where we are all supposed to accept all of the gender-bending philosophies, drugs, and surgeries that go along

Child "Protective" Services, the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Customs and Border Protection ("Security") are examples of organizations that falsely claim to protect children, but have been implicated in child trafficking. Somehow, all of this is always connected to child trafficking as well.

Conveniently, Hollywood and Disney remain entirely silent about child exploitation, even when directors and producers are accused of their crimes and arrested for their involvement in child exploitation. The mainstream media also has no plans to publish anything related to it. These liberals who call themselves "progressives" aren't actually advancing anything except the worship of Satan and the abuse of children. Even Elijah Wood, who starred in Lord of the Rings, blew the whistle in 2016, claiming that child sexual abuse is rampant in the entertainment industry.

You should add Censored. news to your list of favorite websites in order to learn the truth about the freaks and perverts who work in Hollywood and Disney, as this information is being withheld from the majority of the media as you read this.


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