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The Homosexual Mafia

The most shocking revelation of the week is that Twitter's senior tiers of content moderators include more than a dozen former FBI as well as CIA agents and analysts.

These individuals allowed child porn to circulate freely throughout the app while intraoperatively removing any expression that contradicted the government's claim that mRNA "vaccines" are "safe and effective." Not to mention the hard work this upper-echelon crew expended against those who objected to the Woke-race Lefts and gender hustles.

You must be curious about the amount of money that they received, right? Probably even more than working for the government.

Another depressing truth is about to be revealed (you had better buckle up): What has also appeared in the twitter record of Yoel Roth, the company's head censor (previously "Head of Trust and Safety"), starting to seems like an attack on the mass American psyche carried out by homosexual mafia members. After obtaining the official sanction and protection of the federal government, a statistically small segment of the homosexual population that was left in charge of the country's primary public forum has been out for vengeance against their political enemy, political conservatives.

These are Americans who are unwilling to join the cheerleading for drag queen story hours, "minor-attracted persons," transsexuals in the military, and some other LBGTQ cultural pranks.

During this period, the homosexual mafia that was in control of the public conversation provided support for every falsehood that the government, which was its defender, put out in order to maintain the happiness and well-being of the Deep State. Unbelievable, I'm convinced of it... But that's the way it is. That means that the gay mafia was also involved in the promotion of the most lethal psychological operation in the history of the world, which was the COVID-19 scare and the mass "vaccination" crusade. These events will ultimately result in the deaths of many millions of people all over the world, after causing the economies of the Western Civil nations to collapse. The whole package gives the impression of being an effort to flip the order of the universe and turn it on its head. Is it any surprise that so many people believe that the United States has gone completely insane?

These disclosures, of course, gave rise to the popular belief that the malevolent operators in social networks who have now been revealed were nothing more than agents for a shadowy plutocratic elite headed by individuals and organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, even George Soros. Is it possible that this is the most plausible "conspiracy theory" ever? As the globe approaches the dark times of a Fourth Turning secular winter, it is more probable, and I regret to mention this, that all of these personalities are nothing more than instruments of history itself in some way or another. "Humankind cannot endure too much reality," as T. S. Eliot remarked in his writings.

As a result, a great number of people feel that we now inhabit perilous times. The fundamental act of thinking itself seems to be spiraling out of control with everything else. More chaos tends to follow after it. While all of this insanity is taking place inside the borders of the nation, the government of the United States, which is being directed by the phantom president "Joe Biden," is continuing to wage its crazy proxy war in Ukraine in order to incite Russia. Recently, the United States has been blowing out military airfields within Russia by sending drones hundreds of kilometers inside the country. How precisely does it not constitute an intensification of hostilities, and to what illogical lengths do the people of the United States want their government to go with this mad project?

According to the results of the surveys, there should not be any additional concessions made. It would seem that we are not quite so mad as to look forward to our own nuclear destruction, and it would appear that we are aware of what can bring about such an outcome. And so, the horrible facts of our day continue to stare us in the face, unfazed by the widespread mental illness they cause and disinterested in the justifications we provide for acting in such a disgraceful manner. Is there a way to deal with the unpleasant truths? To include them in a story that is founded on the truth, which Western Civilization can utilize to save itself from anything that seems to be an act of suicide?

Elon Musk is moving to inject a few therapeutic truths into the American lunatic asylum. He is doing this alone, apart from, and then in defiance of all the cowards running things in America — the organizational sell-outs, the spineless college presidents, the bought and paid-for politicians, the bad-faith media fabulists, and the vindictive denizens of Hollywood. He came out swinging over the weekend, branding Dr. Anthony Fauci a criminal, continuing to call for his prosecution, but also promising the release of Twitter files which will demonstrate just how dishonestly the old Twitter did act in all the medical dramatics surrounding Covid-19 and the "vaccines." He came out swinging over the weekend, branding Dr. Anthony Fauci a criminal, calling for his prosecution, and pledging the release of Twitter documents that will demonstrate just how dishonest the old Twitter acted in all of the Elon tweeted on Sunday, "Now things are starting to heat up." Will the exposure of all of that depravity have any effect on the fifty percent of the population in this nation that is still irrational as a result of the many preceding salvos of state propaganda? Perhaps not each and every one. Perhaps just twenty percent of the whole. An acknowledgment of the damage that has been caused, however, ought to be sufficient to sway the general majority of thought in the desired direction... as well as the will to stop doing it more often.

In addition to that, Elon has posed a fundamental issue to the American people, which is: Do you support the right to free expression, or do you not? Particularly now that you are aware that the so-called "moderation" of free speech is nothing more than an open invitation to indulge in lying. Lying constantly also has the effect of bending the long arc of history in a negative direction.

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