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Critical Race Theory

Marco Rubio, a senator from Florida, has called on the Republican Party to support governors and school board members who are attempting to prevent the teaching of critical race theory and radical gender theory in US schools.

In an article published in the American Conservative magazine, Rubio argued that these "dangerous academic constructs" were being imposed on elementary school children and that the party should provide support to those fighting against them.

Rubio also stated that any complaints about these theories being taught in school curricula or counseling should be thoroughly investigated. Critical race theory, which suggests that people's relative privilege is determined by characteristics such as their race and gender, has been taught in many American schools, universities, and workplaces since the 1980s. It has faced opposition from those who claim it promotes anti-white discrimination and pits people of color against white people.

A total of 17 states have passed legislation restricting the teaching of critical race theory, with Florida banning it from schools entirely.

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