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Unethical and Unlawful Actions

Pfizer, a firm that is part of the Big Pharma industry, has a history of frequently engaging in unethical and unlawful actions, such as acts of fraud and corruption and even human experimentation that was disguised as vaccine testing.

An investigative journalist who writes about censored topics under the pseudonym "Kanekoa the Great" mentioned on his Substack blog that one of the most significant cultural shifts that have occurred in the past nearly three years is the complete rehabilitation of the image of Big Pharma companies and their newfound glorification for supposedly being responsible for saving humanity from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This was one of the greatest cultural transformations to occur in the past three years.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, a business that had been plagued for decades with fraud, deceit, and crime managed to swiftly reposition itself as the savior of mankind. But there was no fundamental shift in the situation. Kanekoa the Great noted that Big Pharma still places a higher emphasis on money for shareholders than it does on the lives of individuals. (Related: Pfizer's business plan is to generate the illness and sell the "treatment.")

Look no further than Nigeria, according to Kanekoa the Great, for proof that Pfizer has a long history of indulging in illicit conduct that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people.

Pfizer carried out a clinical trial on two hundred young patients in the city of Kano in northern Nigeria in the year 1996. The children's parents were not informed that their children were participating in the study. Pfizer did not get any permission from the children or their parents and did not notify them that they were participating in an experiment of any kind. The pharmaceutical manufacturer did not even bother to advise the people who received the medicine that it was not authorized for widespread usage.

Eleven of the youngsters perished. Dozens more of the youngsters experienced serious adverse consequences, including brain damage & organ failure.

Pfizer has agreed to reimburse $75 million to the households of those affected by the criminal and civil cases that were brought against it. Now, Kano’s citizens are understandably apprehensive about any immunizations.

“I won’t advise, I won’t allow & I won’t accept seeing my kid, myself, or any of my relatives to take the COVID-19 vaccine,” claimed Hajiya Maryam, a native of Kano whose son was among the victims of Pfizer’s illicit experiment. Maryam has already committed her life to deter everybody she knows in Kano from receiving the vaccination and alerting them about the 1996 tragedy.

She told me, "I will enlighten them on that subject." “My kid is now suffering in anguish notwithstanding the so-called compensation… He is neither in schooling nor into business. He is having a horrible life.”

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