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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has given its approval to the use of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) as a therapy for recurring infections caused by Clostridioides difficile (C. diff).

People over the age of 18 who are at risk of recurring C. diff infections may want to consider taking a new "poop pill" called Vowst. This "poop pill" YES, human Poop, contains live bacteria and may be taken orally as a preventative measure. This is a huge step forward in the advancement of patient treatment as well as accessibility for people who have been affected by this potentially life-threatening condition.

What exactly is the C. diff?

C. diff is a bacteria that has the potential to cause a wide variety of symptoms, including diarrhea, inflammation of the colon, and even organ failure and death in extreme situations. Antibiotics have the potential to upset the natural balance of bacteria that would typically fill the gut, which opens the door for C. diff to spread throughout the body. There are between 15,000 to 30,000 fatalities that are attributed to C. diff infections each year in the United States. Those who have recovered from C. diff have a risk of acquiring the infection again anywhere from two to eight weeks after their recovery, with the risk of recurrence increasing with each successive infection they have. The risk of recurrence is around one in six.

What precisely is the FMT?

The restoration of the gut microbiome and the fight against C. diff infections can be accomplished by the FMT procedure by transplanting healthy human gut bacteria into the patient's colon. In the past, this has often been accomplished by administering a liquid medication directly into the rectum of the patient. Vowst, on the other hand, provides a novel approach to the prevention of recurring C. diff infections by basically restocking the microbiome of the stomach through the use of oral capsules.

How does Vowst work?

The recommended course of therapy with Vowst consists of swallowing four capsules at the same time on each of three consecutive days, beginning two to four days following the conclusion of a course of antibiotics for C. diff. Before being employed in the production process, the donated feces that are used to create the tablets are thoroughly tested for the presence of any transmissible infections. In clinical studies, the most prevalent adverse effects of Vowst were stomach bloating, weariness, constipation, chills, and diarrhea; these adverse effects occurred at a higher frequency in the individuals who were treated with the medication as opposed to the patients who were given a placebo.

What are some of the advantages of using Vowst?

In comparison to more conventional FMT treatments, Vowst possesses a number of advantageous qualities. To begin, it is an option that patients may take orally, which makes it a more approachable and handy choice for them. The second advantage of the pill format is that it makes it simpler to regulate doses and reduces the risk of contamination by possible infectious agents. Finally, the approval of Vowst by the FDA is a significant step forward in advancing patient care for people who have experienced recurrent C. diff infections. This is the case because Vowst is a treatment that can prevent C. diff infections from occurring.

Is there any kind of danger involved with using Vowst?

Even if the FDA has given its OK to Vowst, there is still a possibility that it might cause an allergic reaction or expose someone to a disease-causing agent. Patients should only use Vowst under the supervision of a qualified medical expert and should notify their physician promptly of any adverse effects they have while taking the medication.


The approval of Vowst by the FDA marks a big step forward in the management of C. diff infections that come back several times. Vowst is a significant step forward in the progression of a patient treatment since it provides a novel method that is easy to use and readily available for the prevention of these illnesses. Patients should discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of using Vowst with their healthcare physician in order to evaluate whether or not it is the most appropriate treatment choice for them.

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