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Indiana Takes Hypocrisy to a New Level

Fairfax Bar & Grill in Bloomington, Indiana, has taken hypocrisy to a new level. Despite claiming to support free speech, the bar recently stated that anyone who criticizes Anheuser-Busch or BudLight's campaign featuring transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney would be immediately asked to pay their bill and leave the establishment.

Owner McKinley Minniefield claims that he will not tolerate hate speech and has declared opposing views to be hateful, despite the bar's claim that they are open to debate and discussion. Being tossed out of the bar for voicing an opposing view on this controversy is not considered censoring an opinion by Minniefield, and it is not considered disruptive behavior. The bar has the right to set its own standards, but the ban is not on those who are shouting or engaging in disruptive conduct. Rather, it is on anyone who "voices their concerns" about the transgender campaign.

The bar's policy requires civility, which means not voicing an opposing view on this controversy. It is important to note that many of the same people who defended the right of players to kneel during the national anthem as an exercise of free speech now support the bar tossing out those who express opposing views on the Bud Light controversy.

This hypocrisy is reminiscent of the Orwellian logic being used widely on our campuses, where opposing speech is being declared outside of the protections of free speech. However, it is important to have a forum for discussing controversial issues, and bars can be the perfect place for such discussions.

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