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Michelle Obama shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen

On Thursday night in Barcelona, Spain, former First Lady Michelle Obama stunned concertgoers when she made a surprise entrance on stage during a performance by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. She collaborated with Bruce Springsteen on the smash song "Glory Days," providing background vocals and playing the tambourine.

They were joined on stage by the actress Kate Capshaw, who is also married to the filmmaker Steven Spielberg, as well as Patti Scialfa, who is married to Bruce Springsteen.

Consuming Food and Drink in Barcelona

Earlier on in the evening, the three couples were observed eating together at a restaurant in Barcelona. They appeared to be having a good time. The footage of the concert quickly became extremely popular on social media platforms, and it was extensively distributed among Springsteen and Obama supporters.

Rapper Pras Michel was found guilty and sentenced.

In related news, the rapper Pras Michel was found guilty by a jury in Washington, District of Columbia, of unlawfully contributing money to the presidential campaign of former President Barack Obama in 2012. A jury decided that Michel, a member of the hip-hop group Fugees from the 1990s, should be found guilty on counts including political conspiracies involving many millions of dollars and spanning the terms of two presidents. The former music star was directing donations to the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama through straw donors on behalf of a Malaysian financier who has since fled the country.

In addition to that, he was accused of trying to hinder an investigation that was being conducted by the Justice Department and of trying to influence an extradition case in favor of China when the Trump administration was in power. He was convicted guilty of all counts by a jury in a federal court, including conspiracy and working as an unregistered agent of a foreign government.

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