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The Biden administration has faced intense scrutiny and criticism over its handling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, with many pointing fingers at the White House for the chaotic and deadly aftermath. However, instead of taking responsibility for their actions, the administration has been attempting to blame former President Donald Trump for their failures.

A 10-page summary report released by the Biden National Security Council (NSC) has claimed that the administration was "severely constrained" by decisions made by the Trump administration. However, this assertion has been met with widespread criticism and disbelief, with many arguing that Biden had been in office for eight months at the time of the withdrawal and had ample opportunity to make his own decisions.


During a briefing on the review, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby repeatedly attempted to shift blame to the Trump administration for negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban that the Biden administration felt compelled to follow. He also blamed the intelligence community and military advisers for providing flawed intelligence that the Taliban would not take over Kabul as quickly as they did.

However, even CBS's Margaret Brennan criticized Biden for attempting to rewrite history and not taking responsibility for the consequences of his actions. The White House released the summary to reporters only 10 minutes before the briefing, which left little time for the journalists to read and analyze its contents.


Kirby admitted during the briefing that the purpose of the review was not to hold anyone accountable for the failures of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Instead, he said that it was to collate the chief reviews and findings of the agencies that did after-action reviews and study lessons learned.

However, this attempt to avoid accountability has only served to fuel criticism and condemnation of the administration's handling of the situation. Instead of blaming others, many are calling on the Biden administration to take responsibility for its actions and work towards addressing the crisis in Afghanistan.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Biden administration's attempts to shift blame onto former President Trump for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan have been met with widespread criticism and skepticism. While the review may offer some insights and lessons learned, it cannot absolve the administration of responsibility for its actions. Ultimately, it is crucial for the administration to take responsibility and work towards finding a solution to the crisis in Afghanistan.

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