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Alex Soros, the Son of Billionaire George Soros, Has Visited the White House 14 Times

Since Joe Biden assumed office, George Soros's son and heir, Alex Soros, has paid for at least 14 trips to the White House on his father's behalf. Alex Soros is the son and successor to billionaire globalist George Soros. According to the documents, the younger Soros has become a de facto "ambassador" for the White House.

The younger Soros is an active participant in Democratic fund-raising efforts and frequently brags on social media about his connections to prominent figures throughout the world.

White House visitor logs provide evidence that Alexander Soros has secretly arranged to meet with high-ranking members of the Biden administration. Also, he has contributed more than $5 million to Democratic super PACs and races since the year 2018.

Recent White House encounters for George Soros include a December 2022 visit with Nina Srivastava, who served at the time as an advisor to former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. In addition, he was present at a state dinner that was held in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, and was hosted by Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

The younger Soros has conferred with Madeline Strasser, a former advisor to the Klain campaign, Mariana Adame, an advisor to the Counselor of the President, Jonathan Finer, a deputy national security advisor, Kimberly Lang, an executive assistant to the National Security Advisor, and a National Security Advisor.

It is unknown what was said at the discussions, and the White House has not made any statements regarding the topic.

Some who are opposed to the Soros family have voiced their concern over the family's ability to influence White House policies. The Soros family has already "done great harm to our society," according to Michael Howell, head of the Oversight Project at the Republican Heritage Foundation. Matt Palumbo, who wrote the book "The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Hidden Network of George Soros," is of the opinion that Soros' influence over the White House is greater than it has ever been.

In conclusion, the repeated trips to the White House made by the younger Soros have prompted many to speculate about the impact that members of the Soros family have had on the policies of the Biden administration. It is not yet clear how this connection will evolve or whether it will have an effect on the decision-making process of the administration. None of these questions can be answered at this time.

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