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US Army to Deal with Mexican Cartels

Deploying the US army to deal with Mexican cartels is a topic of great interest, and we believe it deserves a comprehensive and well-researched article. In this article, we will discuss the US Army's potential deployment to Mexico and analyze its potential consequences.

In recent years, Mexico has been plagued by drug-related violence, with cartels fighting for control of drug trafficking routes. The violence has had a profound impact on Mexico's citizens, and it has also affected the United States. As a result, there have been discussions about deploying the US army to deal with Mexican cartels.


Drug trafficking is a lucrative business, and Mexican cartels have been successful in smuggling drugs into the United States. They are responsible for most of the drugs that enter the US, including cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. The cartels use violence to maintain control over the drug trade, and this has led to a surge in homicides and other crimes in Mexico.

The US has been involved in efforts to combat drug trafficking in Mexico for several years. The Merida Initiative, launched in 2007, aimed to provide Mexico with military and law enforcement assistance to combat drug trafficking. However, despite these efforts, the violence has continued to escalate.

Trump's Proposal

President Trump has proposed deploying the US army to deal with Mexican cartels. He believes that the US army can help Mexico's government combat drug trafficking and reduce violence. Trump has stated that he is willing to work with Mexico to find a solution to the problem.

Potential Consequences

Deploying the US army to Mexico would have significant consequences. It could lead to a deterioration of US-Mexico relations, which are already strained. It could also lead to an increase in violence in Mexico, as the cartels would likely respond with more violence.

Furthermore, the deployment of the US army to Mexico would be a violation of Mexico's sovereignty. It would also be a departure from the longstanding policy of not using the US military for domestic law enforcement.

Final Thoughts

While the idea of deploying the US army to Mexico to combat drug trafficking and reduce violence may seem appealing, it is not without its risks. It could lead to a deterioration of US-Mexico relations and an increase in violence. Therefore, any decision to deploy the US army to Mexico must be carefully considered, and all potential consequences must be weighed.

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