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Michigan Attorney General’s Demand for Donor Information Meets Resistance

In a recent development, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel set off a legal and ethical debate by demanding sensitive donor information from the fundraisers supporting the electors of former President Donald Trump. This demand sparked a confrontation when the Christian crowdfunding platform, GiveSendGo, refused to comply with the request. This article explores the details of this legal clash and the implications it carries.

Demand for Sensitive Donor Information

As reported by the Detroit News, Attorney General Nessel obtained a search warrant to access information about donors who contributed to the legal defense of pro-Trump electors. These electors had been charged with a range of felonies for their involvement in submitting an alternate slate of electors during the tumultuous aftermath of the 2020 election. The information sought included bank routing numbers, contributions, and communications.

The search warrant, signed by Ingham County District Court Judge Cynthia Ward, indicated that GiveSendGo LLC held information related to subscribers who allegedly participated in a plan to replace 2020 Democratic electors with Republican electors.

Legal Implications and Criticisms

This move by the Attorney General quickly garnered attention from legal experts and sparked concerns about privacy and potential overreach. Michigan-based veteran criminal defense attorney Joshua Blanchard expressed his astonishment at the government's demand to know who was funding the defense of the electors, emphasizing the unprecedented nature of the request. He questioned whether it was an attempt to harass those defending the contested electors.

GiveSendGo's Defiance

GiveSendGo, the crowdfunding platform at the center of this controversy, responded by declaring its refusal to comply with the Attorney General's request. The platform made it clear that it values the privacy of its users and donors and views the search warrants as illegal and invasive. In a statement, the platform's founders pledged to challenge and resist any demands that compromise the privacy and trust of their community.

Supporters Rally Around GiveSendGo

Independent news outlets and supporters of the Trump electors saw GiveSendGo's resistance as an important stand for individual privacy and freedom. The telethon that raised significant funds to support the Trump electors' legal battles was described as a historic event by Big League Politics. Some news outlets characterized the Attorney General's actions as partisan and criticized her for her alleged bias. They urged individuals to choose platforms that prioritize user privacy and resist government overreach.

Nessel's Controversial Remarks

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has further drawn attention to her controversial stance with remarks made during a virtual event with liberal activists. She claimed that the 2020 Republican electors were "brainwashed" into keeping Donald Trump in power. Nessel's comments suggested a level of confidence that the criminal charges filed against the GOP electors would be successful. However, legal experts argue that these remarks may jeopardize her ability to secure convictions.

Shan Wu, a former federal prosecutor, pointed out the inappropriateness of Nessel insulting defendants her office is prosecuting. He argued that labeling the electors as "brainwashed" could undermine the validity of her prosecution theory, as it suggests they may not have had the criminal intent to break the law due to external influences.


The clash between Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo over the demand for donor information highlights a significant debate about privacy, government authority, and legal ethics. While Nessel's actions reflect a determination to prosecute the Trump electors, her controversial comments and the defiance of GiveSendGo have raised concerns about the balance between transparency and individual rights. This unfolding legal drama underscores the complexities surrounding political and legal disputes in the United States.

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