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America's railroads would bring an already fragile economy

A train or Rail strike is now likely to take place as if the economy of the United States wasn't already on the verge of collapse owing to policies and excessive spending given to us by the Democrat-controlled Senate & Joe Biden.

And if that does happen, the economy will take a nosedive as you've never seen before.

Rail is the primary mode of transportation for almost all goods, and the sector was already facing increased expenses due to the industry-wide surge in the price of diesel fuel, which was caused by President Joe Biden's campaign against fossil fuels.

According to the sources, however, employees in the industry are now demanding an increase in their benefits, and are prepared to quit if they do not get them.

NBC News breaks out exactly what is occurring here:

In the event that a settlement is not struck by the 9th of December at midnight, railroad employees have threatened to go on strike. Biden is pressing Congress to intercede.

Companies are preparing for the possibility of a total shutdown of passenger and freight train networks in the event that legislative action is not forthcoming and discussions between employees and railway operators are at a stalemate. Because there aren't enough people to drive trucks, businesses won't be able to move their cargo, which will leave the great majority of products stranded.

The letter sent to the White House reads as follows.

The extent to which a strike would hurt the economy is directly proportional to how long it lasted; yet, even a walkout that lasted just a few days might set off a chain reaction of events that'd disrupt supply lines for weeks, according to officials from several industries. The White House estimates that the first two weeks of the shutdown may result in the loss of employment for a total of  765,000 individuals.

Jeffrey Hausman, a chief products officer of the management of supply chains company Samsara, was quoted as saying to the outlet that "businesses fundamental to our regular day-to-day lives, including food and fuel makers, will feel the effect immediately and will soon trickle down to customers."

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