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CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter is continually making huge changes, which he acquired a month ago for $44 billion. However, the more he investigates, the more garbage he unearths.

Musk has discovered more than he probably bargained for and even understood was present at Twitter. It is obvious at this point that the platform was being used by the deep state as well as the media-intelligence complicated to stifle America First patriots as well as those who hold alternative viewpoints. However, Musk has found more than he likely understood was present on Twitter.

James Baker, a former FBI lead advisor or a figure who'd been neck-deep in fabricating and perpetuating this same lie that Donald Trump "colluded with Russia" prior to the 2016 election, left the agency in 2018 under a cloud of suspicion following several investigations led by Republicans. Baker was a figure who was neck-deep in fabricating as well as perpetuating the false story that Donald Trump "colluded with Russia." Jack Dorsey, who was CEO of Twitter at the time, moved immediately to employ him as the company's Deputy General Counsel. In the following months, Baker would again play a part in defending the deep state. After being exposed through an internal probe the other week, Musk has now terminated Baker's employment because of his involvement in the scandal.

The following is what the Conservative Brief claims:

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, revealed on Tuesday that Twitter's Deputy General Counsel James Baker was "exited" from the organization after revelations about his alleged involvement in the platform's handling of the Hunter Biden computer store. Baker was reportedly involved in Twitter's handling of the story of the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.

Journalist Matt Taibbi disclosed internal conversations from Twitter's high management in October 2020 on how to resist the publishing of documents regarding Hunter Biden's laptop by the New York Post over the course of the weekend.

In response to Taibbi's tweet in which he shared a narrative about Baker as well as his various crooked roles in government written by the renowned legal scholar Jonathan Turley, Musk tweeted, "In light of concerns about Baker's potential role in suppression of speech important to the public conversation, he was exited from Twitter today."

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