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The White House is focusing on the Poor

Now, in an effort to reduce the population, the White House is focusing on the poor.

After causing record price increases through printing money, sabotaging food facilities, and dismantling energy-necessary infrastructure by family farms, the Biden administration is now arranging for a $20 grocery retail money for those who are ready and able to be infused with so-called covid "vaccines," which are actually population control bioweapons intended to maim or kill. This comes after the Biden regime caused record-high inflation via printing money, food facility sabotage, or the tearing down of energy

This legislation will disparately target low-income, inner-city areas Black Americans, the same particular demographic that has been targeted for mass slaughter through Planned Parenthood abortions as well as eugenics programs for decades. As a result, the Biden White House now is targeting the poor for eradication, and this policy would then disproportionately attack low-income, inner-city Black Americans.

According to an article in "the UK Daily Mail":

Covid's enticement to Americans: Those who obtain a booster immunization this winter will receive a discount of twenty dollars on their shopping…

In the course of this winter, customers who obtain the Omicron-specific injection at CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and Rite Aid will be eligible for discounts of up to $20 on their purchases.

This occurs in the midst of a spiraling inflation issue that has led to an increase in the cost of essential items for the home.

The (CDC) strongly recommends that anyone aged five years and older get the bivalent booster.

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