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Black Voters Abandon Biden in Droves: ‘He’s a Weak Old Man'”.

Democrats are scrambling after a bombshell brand-new report has exposed that black citizens are extremely abandoning President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that the historical shift is leaving Democrat strategists "exceptionally worried" about Biden's chances of re-election.

EArlier this month, a New York Times/Siena College survey raised alarm bells for Democrats after it found that President Donald Trump had actually reached an extraordinary level of assistance from black citizens in battleground states that Biden won in 2020.

Black citizens in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are now registering 22 percent assistance for Trump.

The figure is up from eight percent in 2020.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, some black voters informed the WSJ that they are frustrated by how Biden has handled the economy.

They stated they will not be voting for Biden once again after feeling like they 'd been burned.

" He's a weak guy," 60-year-old black Democrat voter Mahamadou Diallo stated about Biden.

" He's an old man," Diallo included.

" He didnt alter anything."

Diallo, a Democrat from southwest Philadelphia, stated he will vote for Trump in a Trump-Biden rematch.

A mom from north Philadelphia working 2 jobs to make ends satisfy also explained feeling pull down by the Democrat president.

" I truly did think he was going to assist people in my situation," Michelle Smith, 46, stated.

" It resembles all of them talk a good video game till they get chosen."

Smith said she voted for Biden in 2020 however won't choose him once again due to inflation, greater lease prices, and a sensation of being overlooked, the report stated.

" I believe I'm not going to vote, period," she admitted.

President Biden's bleeding of assistance from black voters has actually left some battlefield state Democrats panicking.

" I am absolutely worried," one elected Democrat informed us.

" Frankly, I am exceptionally concerned.

" This is a big issue."

A survey from May revealed only 41 percent of black grownups said they desired Biden to run for a second term.

Simply 55 percent said they would likely support him in the basic election.

These figures starkly contrast with his first few months in workplace, when 9 out of 10 black voters authorized of the task he was doing.

Regional Democrat leaders in Philadelphia are making efforts to find the reasons black citizens are leaving the party or abandoning Biden in 2024.

Pennsylvania state Sen. Vincent Hughes said he has performed a canvassing effort to reach out to 25,000 low-turnout voters in his district to see why they aren't interested in ballot.

He told the WSJ he's attempting to motivate black voters to see the glass as "half complete" instead of "half empty," under Biden.

" People feel rotten simply in general, not simply with voting," he stated in the report.

" Part of my duty is to be more motivating to the folks that feel like the glass is half empty when in numerous aspects, the glass is half complete."

Biden deputy project supervisor Quentin Fulks stated Biden's reelection campaign was making an earlier financial investment into black communities than has "ever been done before."

Fulks says the project is making a collective effort to bring in voters to Biden, rather than simply boost turnout.

A Biden campaign authorities recently blamed the financial issues numerous Americans are facing on "a brick wall of MAGA extremism."

" That's exactly why we require another 4 years to continue to finish the task, right?" Biden project authorities Michael Tyler informed CNN's Victor Blackwell on "First off with Victor Blackwell" on Saturday.

" I believe it's important, too, that the president, of course, wishes to get all of this done.

" But we have to be honest about the brick wall of MAGA extremism that we continue to face when we're trying to get things done for the American individuals."

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