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Unlock the Power of Carbs: The Surprising Truth About Your Mitochondria’s Fuel Source

In the end, the fundamental health truth is that glucose is the ideal fuel for your mitochondria and the one that will create the most energy with the least amount of "exhaust" in the form of free radicals causing oxidative stress that damages your mitochondria, cell membranes and proteins. It will also create the most carbon dioxide in your body which is highly beneficial for your health.

Many mistakenly believe, like I previously did, that fat is the ideal fuel in your mitochondria, but that would be a serious mistake. Fat is an important and crucial fuel that many cells, like your heart, rely on, but it never was designed to be your primary fuel. It is merely a backup fuel to keep you alive long enough until you can find some healthy carbs.

Carbs are so important that if you don't eat any, your body will make between 150 to 250 grams a day because your brain requires sugar. Without sugar you will go into a hypoglycemic coma and die. So, to keep yourself alive if you aren't consuming carbs, your body will release stress hormones like glucagon, adrenaline and cortisol that will shred the protein from your muscles and bones to send to your liver to make glucose.

This is really a mind-bending new way of viewing carbs, and it took me nearly a year to wrap my head around it. I have posted a podcast with osteopath Dr. Jay FEldman at the top of this page that I believe you will help you understand it better. More than likely, you will need to listen to it a few times. I listened to it five or six times and may review it a few more times, it's so good. In closing then, the solutions, if you want to lower your risk of cancer, would be to:

Lower your LA intake as low as possable by avoiding processed foods, seed oils, chicken, pork, seeds and nuts
Making sure you're eating healthy carbs such as ripe fruit
Supplement with a good probiotic or fermented foods to crowd out gram negative bacteria in your gut
Optimizing your mitochondrial function in general
Decreasing lactate production and increasing carbon dioxide, as they have opposing effects.2 You can learn more about this in "The Biology of Carbon Dioxide"

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