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As vaccine skepticism continues to gain traction and trust in both regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical giants wanes, it's essential to delve into one of the most contentious potential cover-up cases of recent times: Did the CDC manipulate data to conceal a link between MMR vaccines and autism? In this article, we will explore the claims made by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who exposed the alleged destruction of crucial evidence suggesting a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism in children.

The Resurgence of 'Vaxxed' Recently, the 2016 documentary "Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe" re-emerged on Rumble, capturing significant attention. This renewed interest can be attributed to the dwindling trust in the CDC and vaccines overall, primarily stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. Produced by filmmaker Del Bigtree and scientist Andrew Wakefield, this documentary delves into the controversy surrounding the MMR vaccine's potential link to autism.

The Claims of Dr. William Thompson Dr. William Thompson has alleged that he and his co-authors deliberately omitted data from a 2004 study that demonstrated a significant correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism in African-American children.

The Revelation and Whistleblowing In 2014, Dr. Thompson had a series of phone calls with Dr. Brian Hooker, who would later request the data from the CDC's 2004 MMR-autism study through a "citizen's request." Thompson's utilization of this method deemed a "legal loophole," was to avoid illegal disclosure of the CDC's internal documents. When Hooker analyzed the data, he found a substantial correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism in black children, prompting him to publish his findings.

The CDC and the study authors were alarmed by the media attention generated by Hooker's publication, which led to Thompson's public disclosure. Thompson stated that he regretted the omission of "statistically significant information" from their 2004 article, emphasizing that vaccines have saved countless lives, but the decision to omit pertinent findings for a specific sub-group concerned him.

The CDC Files and Memo In 2014, Thompson released the "CDC files," a collection of documents allegedly excluded from the MMR vaccine study, including internal communications between Thompson and CDC executives. Alongside these files, he published a memo detailing the timeline of events from the study's inception in 2001 to his administrative leave in 2004. He claims that this study aimed to respond to Wakefield's discredited study and that co-authors intentionally decided not to report race-related effects and scheduled meetings to destroy study-related documents.

Thompson's Whistleblowing and Its Consequences Thompson reported the controversial findings excluded from the study to his superiors and presented his results to members of the National Immunization Program and the CDC's director at the time, Julie Gerberding. However, Thompson was put on administrative leave for "inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in the workplace" after sending a letter expressing concerns about the MMR-autism study.

Thompson's memo hints at a possible motive for the CDC's actions, mentioning a Congressional Autism Caucus meeting investigating the National Immunization Program shortly after he delivered his letter.

Blockade of Thompson's Testimony In 2015, Congressman William Posey urged Congress to subpoena William Thompson to testify under oath. However, as a CDC employee, Thompson could not voluntarily speak out against his employer. The CDC successfully blocked Thompson from testifying in a Tennessee court case involving a boy claiming vaccine-induced autism. Despite numerous calls for his public testimony, Thompson has not been subpoenaed by Congress.

Evidence for a Link Between Autism and Vaccines While this article primarily focuses on Thompson's allegations, it's essential to acknowledge the broader context. The incidence of autism in children in the U.S. has risen significantly over the past few decades. The "scientific community" often attributes this increase to improved diagnostics and broadened criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder, but the upward trend continues.

Parental Anecdotes and Court Cases Countless parents share stories of their children developing autism-like symptoms after receiving childhood vaccines. Court cases have awarded compensation to families, further fueling the debate. Some studies have suggested links between autism and vaccines, but they are frequently discredited or disregarded.

Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Another potential explanation for the surge in autism cases may be the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines. Some argue that human DNA fragments found in MMR vaccines produced from aborted fetal cell lines could contribute to autism.

Conclusion The controversy surrounding the MMR vaccine and its alleged link to autism remains a contentious issue. While this article does not provide a definitive answer, it highlights the ongoing debate and the need for transparent, rigorous research to address the concerns of parents and vaccine skeptics. As vaccine safety continues to be a critical public health issue, open dialogue, and unbiased investigation are essential.

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