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TikTok Influencer’s Emotional Journey: From Transitioning to Detransitioning, the Untold Struggles

Nikita Teran is a TikTok influencer, who currently identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. She has taken to the platform to share her story about finding her true gender after previously identifying as transgender. She told Fox News Digital in an interview that she wishes her treating doctors would have asked more questions to uncover the comorbid psychological issues Teran experienced at the time.

At two points during the interview, Teran broke down. The first time, she discussed a point in her teenage years when her father left the family. She was devastated, and around that same time she began to experience gender dysphoric symptoms. During the second time, Teran described the challenging experience with complications from her breast removal surgery-- a double mastectomy.

"Prior to that, I was struggling with the things that were happening at my home. I would probably call it something like depression," Teran said. She added that she was treated at a psychiatric clinic for issues.

"Before getting in touch with the gender clinic, I was at another unit for children with mental health issues. So I was there first and I thought I would get some type of help. I wasn't there for gender dysphoria, I was at that unit for mental health issues. They sort of didn't know what to do with me," she said.

"When I arrived at the transgender unit, I was completely honest and vulnerable with my father and my family. Every time we discussed my father, tears would stream down my face during our meetings. However, despite my emotional state, they failed to recognize any warning signs. It is my deepest desire that they had intervened. I wish they had been able to identify the red flags and acknowledge that my gender dysphoria might have been a result of trauma or similar experiences."

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Teran began to experience dysphoria in her mid-teens, went to the clinic at 17, began testosterone at 18 and had her double mastectomy at 19.

"She felt incredibly apprehensive and anxious, as it was her first time undergoing surgery. Despite her fears, she was determined to push through the procedure and start her journey towards a healthier, happier life."

Teran revealed that she required urgent medical attention, necessitating a hasty return to the operating room shortly after her initial procedure.

"After my initial surgery, I was feeling very sick, and they noticed that there was something wrong with me," she said. "I don't remember what the condition was. I think it was like bleeding inside. [My chest] was very, very large with blood. So that same night I had to be rushed into the emergency room for another surgery."

"Having to go through that second surgery was just very scary," she said.

Additionally, the process of recuperation posed its own set of challenges. "I was unable to engage in any employment activities, spending the majority of my time confined to my residence."

After recovering from surgery, Teran described a time when she felt like "one of the boys," when she was living her "tomboy dreams." But then, around the age 20, she started to explore her sexuality, and that raised questions about what she thought was her gender identity.

However, as time passed and I grew more curious about myself and my physical experiences with others, it began to feel strange to me. I started questioning why I was accepting of these situations, and thoughts like that began to occupy my mind.

Teran experienced vaginal atrophy as a result of taking testosterone, and her physician advised her to discontinue its use.

Drexel University College of Medicine states that individuals who identify as transmasculine and take testosterone may encounter atrophic vaginitis. This condition is believed to occur because testosterone suppresses estrogen, resulting in a state of estrogen deficiency that is comparable to the experiences of cisgender women after menopause.

Teran, who has since discontinued her transition, revealed that she has temporarily withdrawn from her master's program as she contemplates her future path.

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