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The Pope’s Climate Alarmism: Debunking Claims of Earthquake-Causing Carbon Emissions

Pope Francis recently issued a climate alarmist letter, suggesting that human activities, particularly carbon emissions, are responsible for causing earthquakes and seaquakes. In this article, we will critically examine the Pope's claims, addressing the unsubstantiated scientific opinions and emotional errors in his letter. We will also explore the climate alarmism narrative and its questionable foundations.

The Pope's Alarming Assertions

Debunking the "Seaquake" Theory

In his latest letter, Pope Francis alleges that humans, through carbon emissions, are causing "seaquakes" that are leading to the destruction of communities. This assertion appears far-fetched and unsupported by scientific evidence. It's worth noting that linking earthquakes to human activities, such as driving cars, remains a fringe idea in climate fearmongering. For instance, a recent article in The Conversation suggested a connection between surface ice loss in Scandinavia and ancient earthquakes, but further examination revealed no tangible scientific basis for this claim. "Seaquakes" seem to be a novel and unproven field of climate alarmism, with Francis pushing the boundaries of scientific credibility.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting

Pope Francis also argues that the melting of the Antarctic ice sheets will not be reversed for hundreds of years. However, the extent of this melting and its implications are subject to debate among climate scientists. While the Pope's concerns about Antarctica are valid, it's important to acknowledge that this region doesn't always align with the narrative of imminent climate catastrophe. Some sources, such as research by Singh and Polvani, suggest that Antarctic warming has been "almost non-existent" for seven decades. NASA data reveals a minimal annual ice loss rate of 0.0005%, and the South Pole experienced its coldest winter in 2021 since record-keeping began in 1957. Furthermore, the Arctic has witnessed a gradual recovery in sea ice over the past decade, a development that receives limited public attention.

Weather Attribution and Climate Trends

Pope Francis asserts that human-induced climate changes heighten the probability of extreme weather phenomena. He refers to the concept of weather attribution, which relies on computer models to correlate specific weather events with long-term climate changes. However, it's crucial to recognize that weather attribution is largely driven by computer model-based pseudoscience, a practice that has gained popularity as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) refrains from directly linking individual weather events to broader climate trends.

Diverging Scientific Opinions

Despite Pope Francis's claims, it's essential to acknowledge that the scientific community is not unanimous in its views on climate change. Many scientists dispute the causal links he suggests between extreme weather events and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the IPCC expresses "low confidence" in attributing human influence to droughts and flood events in various regions.


While Pope Francis's climate alarmism raises important questions about our impact on the environment, his recent letter contains claims that lack sufficient scientific grounding. The alleged connections between carbon emissions, earthquakes, and seaquakes remain unproven, and the state of the Antarctic ice sheet presents a more nuanced picture than suggested. Weather attribution, while intriguing, relies heavily on computer models and is not universally accepted in the scientific community. Climate change is a complex issue, and a balanced examination of the evidence is essential to inform responsible and evidence-based climate policies.

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