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Tucker Carlson was let go from his position as host of the highest-rated cable news program in history, despite the fact that he was the most popular personality in the history of television news. It is interesting to note that Carlson was fired just a few days after Fox News Corporation, owned by Rupert Murdoch, reached a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million in a defamation case. Carlson played a crucial role in the litigation.

Having said that, there is a great deal more to this tale.

There was a massive bombshell that was about to drop, which had the potential to entirely exonerate Tucker and demonstrate that he was correct about everything. This revelation is so explosive that it reveals the Deep State and mainstream media to be corrupted in the worst way that is conceivable. It demonstrates that the people who term themselves "conspiracy theorists" are correct about everything.

After Carlson uncovered the lies that were at the core of the establishment's narrative concerning the J6 trials, he had been at odds with the senior leadership of Fox News for a number of months. Tucker went his own way and offered facts indicating the demonstrators were persecuted victims of corrupt law enforcement organizations that had been seized by the elites. The mainstream media was all singing from the same hymn sheet and providing cover for the elites.

Tucker continued to report on J6 despite receiving orders from Fox News to stop and desist from doing so. Due to the fact that he was the most popular personality on the station, he was able to get away with his behavior for a while. When Tucker first started focusing on exposing Ray Epps as an FBI stooge, the entire mainstream media, including Fox News and the rest of the major networks, found themselves in a very awkward position. Because it turns out that Ray Epps is a man who has a lot of secrets to keep to himself.

There is an abundance of evidence suggesting that Epps is a member of the Deep State. A video that was taken of Epps on January 6 shows him encouraging supporters of Trump to gather at the Capitol. It can be seen that Epps is speaking in the ear of one of them, and then immediately after that, they assault police officers, demonstrating that he instigated the attack. However, despite the fact that the FBI has been charging people for simply strolling into the Capitol building for a few minutes, they decided not to pursue Epps.

In spite of this, not only is there video evidence of Epps behaving in a manner consistent with that of a Federal agent, but there are also text texts in which he acknowledges that he "orchestrated" J6. And the mainstream media is doing all in its can to protect him.

The stuff that Tucker Carlson created in his final months before the elite silenced him and took away his massive viewership was genuine news. Tucker Carlson's audience has shrunk significantly since he began producing this content. The family of FBI agent Ray Epps claims that he is a pedophile and a monster in addition to having a career with the FBI.

In conclusion, the timing of Tucker Carlson's dismissal was odd, and there is much more to the tale than what has been presented here. The proof that Ray Epps is a member of the Deep State is overwhelming, and the mainstream media is attempting to provide cover for him as best they can.

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