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The announcement of Biden’s candidacy for reelection

The formal announcement of US President Joe Biden's intention to run for reelection in 2024 was something that had been widely anticipated for some months. The declaration was made despite public opinion polls indicating that the majority of people, including the vast majority of fellow Democrats, did not want the 80-year-old to run for reelection.

Biden promoted his new campaign as a battle for democracy in the United States in a video address that was made public on Tuesday. He stated that his commitment to battle "for the soul of America," which was the central message of his campaign for the presidency in 2020, is still in effect.

"The question that stands before us is, in the years that are still to come, will we have more freedom or less freedom? "The choice is between more rights and fewer rights," Biden stated in his remarks. "I am sure that you are aware of the answer that I am hoping to get, just as I am. Now is not the time to become complacent about anything. Because of this, I've decided to seek reelection.

This video was released on the day that marks precisely four years since the beginning of Biden's prior presidential campaign. Kamala Harris, the current Vice President, will be running with him again.

The statement puts Biden on track for a possible rematch against former President Donald Trump, who is regarded as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Biden's announcement puts Trump in the spotlight.

According to a recent study, the majority of Americans are ready to move on from both Biden and Trump.

There have been two individuals who have declared their intention to run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2024. Marianne Williamson, an author, announced her intention to run for president at the end of February, while Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, kicked up his campaign earlier this month.

As the current Vice President, Joe Biden has the backing of the party establishment as well as a large number of influential media outlets. On the other hand, it would appear that public opinion is stacked against him for a second run.

According to the results of a survey that was conducted and released by NBC News on Sunday, the majority of Americans (70%) and Democratic Party voters (51%), respectively, do not want Biden to run for re-election. People have mentioned his advanced age, the perception that he is unreliable, and his dismal performance during his first term as reasons why they would like someone else to be running for office instead of him.

Biden is already the oldest president in office in the history of the United States, having reached the age of 80. Some people feel that he does not longer possess the stamina necessary for his job, and they point to the fact that he is unwilling to conduct prolonged interviews as evidence. The evident disdain that Biden has for the media has not been witnessed since the time of Ronald Reagan.


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