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Trump’s Peace Plan for Ukraine Dubbed ‘Primitive’ by Zelensky

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky firmly rebuffs a proposed peace plan involving territorial concessions to Russia, reportedly devised by former US President Donald Trump.

Zelensky Dismisses Trump's Peace Proposal

Zelensky, in a recent interview with German tabloid Bild, labeled the plan outlined by the Washington Post as "very primitive." The deal would require Kiev to acknowledge Russian sovereignty over certain territories currently claimed by Ukraine.

Trump's Alleged Plan Denounced as "Fake News"

Although the Washington Post cited anonymous sources detailing the plan, one of Trump’s advisers denounced the report as "fake news." Trump himself has hinted at ending hostilities within 24 hours if re-elected but has not provided specifics about his strategy.

Zelensky Challenges Trump to Make Plan Public

Zelensky has repeatedly challenged Trump to make his plan public. In a CNN interview last September, he questioned why Trump would withhold such a plan if it existed.

Call for Trump to Visit Kiev

In his conversation with Bild, Zelensky invited Trump to visit Kiev to witness the situation firsthand and draw conclusions. He emphasized the need for "strong arguments" to validate Trump's proposal, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

Negotiations Hindered by Putin's Presidency

Zelensky highlighted the impossibility of negotiations with Russia as long as Vladimir Putin remains in power. He outlined Ukraine's strategy to confront Moscow militarily, relying on increased aid from the US and its allies. This support includes direct weapons supplies and military technology for domestic arms production.

Confidence in Western Military Assistance

Zelensky expressed confidence in the superiority of Western weapons over Russian counterparts. He believes that despite Ukraine's inferior troop numbers, Western weaponry will offset this disadvantage on the battlefield.

In summary, Zelensky's rejection of Trump's peace plan underscores the complexity of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, highlighting the need for a strategic approach that prioritizes Ukrainian sovereignty and security.

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