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Were American and British Consultants Behind the UKrainian Strikes on Belgorod? Uncovering Foreign Involvement in Conflict

Ever wondered if global conflicts are just high-stakes games of international Clue, where countries brandish cluster bombs instead of candlesticks? Well, strap in, because the recent UN Security Council session played out like a geopolitical whodunit, with Russia's envoy pointing fingers at American and British consultants for a deadly case of 'who-dropped-the-bomb' in Belgorod. Was it Colonel Mustard in the War Room with a cluster bomb?

The Security Council witnessed a heated session recently, as Russia's envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, raised serious allegations implicating American and British assistance in fatal strikes on Belgorod, a Russian border city, by Ukrainian forces. Nebenzia, in no uncertain terms, accused the US and Britain of aiding Ukraine in the deployment of cluster bombs, resulting in devastating casualties and injuries.

The UN Condemnation and Urgent Meeting Request

Following the tragic incident, the United Nations swiftly condemned Ukraine's actions, labeling the shelling of Belgorod as "unacceptable." Russia promptly called for an urgent Security Council meeting, seeking accountability and justice for the lives lost in the assault that claimed over 22 innocent souls and left more than a hundred injured.

Nebenzia's Claims and Accusations

During the session, Nebenzia condemned the shelling as a deliberate act of terrorism agaisnt civilians, directly implicating Kiev's Western supporters in sharing responsibility for this tragedy. He boldly asserted, "The West is complicit in the crimes committed by the gang in Kiev," highlighting the alleged direct involvement of British and American consultants in orchestrating the catastrophic terrorist act.

He sternly warned that those responsible, including both organizers and perpetrators, will face consequences for their actions.

Reports and Allegations from Various Sources

Reports from multiple sources, including RT and Press TV, echoed similar sentiments, suggesting deeper foreign involvement. They indicated that London played a pivotal role in supporting Kiev's actions, branding the strike as a "terrorist act" orchestrated at the behest of British instigation, working hand in hand with Washington.

Claims from Russia's Foreign Ministry and Diplomatic Tensions

Adding fuel to the fire, Russia's Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, publicly accused Britain of being the mastermind behind the terrorist act. Zakharova asserted that London, in collaboration with Washington, had been instigating the Kiev regime to resort to terrorist tactics, particularly following a failed counteroffensive during the summer.

Diplomatic Hindrance and Missed Opportunities for Peace Talks

Zakharova highlighted the obstructive role played by the UK in preventing meaningful dialogues between Kiev and Moscow, focusing instead on perpetuating conflict and pursuing a battlefield victory. This sentiment was further reinforced by statements from Ukrainian legislator David Arakhamia, who revealed that the conflict could have potentially ceased in spring 2022 had it not been for alleged interventions by then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Arakhamia disclosed that during talks, Johnson had explicitly advised against any agreements with Russia, urging Ukrainian officials to continue hostilities instead.

These revelations raise profound concerns about the extent of foreign involvement in perpetuating the conflict and hindering potential diplomatic resolutions, shedding light on a complex geopolitical landscape and its devastating impact on innocent lives.

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