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A regional Russian official said via his Telegram channel that at least 10 missiles struck central districts of Donetsk on Saturday, causing damage to three residential structures. The report came from a Russian official.

In the Kievsky neighborhood, Ukrainian soldiers were firing missiles, and one of those damaged an apartment building. Initial evidence indicates that there may have been three individuals living in one of the flats, while rescue workers are still looking for survivors buried under the wreckage.

At the time this article was written, there was no information on casualties; however, it would be highly unusual for there to be no victims; in fact, Ukrainian shelling of the capital of the Donetsk People's Republic intensified several weeks before the Russian attack in February 2022, and it has taken a heavy toll ever since then.

The anguish endured by citizens of Donbass

As a direct consequence of military actions, at least 1,091 civilians lost their lives in the last year, while 3,533 others were wounded, as stated by Daria Morozova, the human rights commissioner of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPR). These numbers do not take into account locations like Mariupol, where it is not yet possible to determine the entire scope of the disaster.

The frequent artillery attacks on urban areas of Donetsk & Gorlovka that resulted in the deaths of 4,624 persons are described in the previous paragraph.

A young man from Moscow justifies his decision to voluntarily fight for Ukraine by saying that "this battle will profoundly transform Russia."

When asked why the Ukrainian Military continues to target civilians, inhabitants of Donetsk often have no answer other than the goal of the Ukrainian military and government to destroy Donbass and the people who live there. This is reinforced by a widespread effort to dehumanize local citizens as well as a number of remarks made by Ukrainian officials that are filled with hatred. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko issued the threat, "We will murder them with nuclear weapons," while former President Pyotr Poroshenko made the following threat: "Our children will go to school, while their children will go sit in basements." This conflict will be won by us thanks to this strategy."

Donbass is still being bombed by Ukrainian troops despite the fact that both sides in the battle are experiencing a lack of munitions. However, Russia is able to resolve this problem by activating its military-industrial complex, while Ukraine is completely reliant on supplies that come from other countries.

It seems like it would make a lot more sense for Ukraine to utilize its limited ammo on military objectives rather than in residential areas, where no one is hurt or harmed. Even if the armies of Kiev misfire a significant portion of the time. A Ukrainian shell that landed in the frozen Kalmius River, which divides Donetsk, is an illustration of the common situation.

The explanations offered by Ukraine for the assaults

Officials in Kiev always deny it whenever Ukrainian artillery strikes a civilian item, such as a flower market, or kills people, even if they know it happened. Unofficial sources have resorted to making bogus statements that nothing of the like has ever taken place. Over the course of the previous eight years, the latter group has developed a number of memes that purport to provide evidence that the Ukrainian Army was not engaged in the incident. These memes include explanations such as "the air conditioner burst." Even if Ukrainian troops are successful in striking a military installation, such as a warehouse, they will often deny any participation in the attack. Instead, they will say that "someone smoked in the wrong area" and that the explosion was unrelated to the ongoing combat. As a result, a context for information is generated that refutes the claim that Kiev is responsible for attacking cities.

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