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Robert De Niro and President Trump Engage in Fiery War of Words

Hollywood star Robert De Niro found himself embroiled in a spat this week as Donald Trump took to social media to lambast the actor as a "mental midget."

On Monday evening, De Niro delivered a fiery criticism of the ex-President at a gathering, which sparked a furious response from Trump on his social media platform.

During his passionate address, De Niro alleged that Trump had made more than 30,000 false statements throughout his time as president and condemned his disregard for the vulnerable, disregard for the environment, and general absence of honesty. In response, Trump retaliated by branding De Niro as a "complete failure," claiming that the actor's performances had become unbearable to watch.

Trump's initial post slammed De Niro's acting abilities, reputation, and even ridiculed his use of a teleprompter for what was deemed "foul and disgusting language" disrespectful to the country. The former President urged De Niro to focus on his own life rather than criticizing others, branding him a "total loser" and highlighting his alleged decline in relevance.

Later, Trump escalated his response, labeling De Niro a "mental midget" with a deteriorating mind and life akin to a train wreck, similar to his critiques of Joe Biden, asserting that De Niro had lost all credibility.

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