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The Risks and Controversies Surrounding RNA COVID Vaccines: Unveiling the Unseen Dangers

When the RNA COVID vaccines received authorization, I anticipated a procession of critics leveling various accusations at the shots: "They contain THIS horrible thing. They contain THAT horrible thing. They contain this OTHER horrible thing."

Sure, not all those criticisms were expected to be incorrect. What I was emphasizing was the need to consider the broader context.

The RNA vaccines employ two notably risky technologies: nanoparticles and genetic modification.

The official narrative maintains that injected nanoparticles deliver genetic instructions to cells. This amalgamates two technologies, both of which have shown instances of significant failures when researched online.

In animal trials, genetic alterations surpassed anticipated outcomes. Moreover, the introduction of coated nanoparticles triggered adverse responses from the immune system.

Hence, the decision to employ both these technologies in producing a vaccine-- despite their unprecedented combination, the record-breaking speed of vaccine development, and mass inoculation of billions-- raises concerns.

Moreover, the absence of a large-scale study involving at least 20,000 volunteers from clinical trials to ensure the specific production of the desired "spike protein" while avoiding unintended protein production (as suggested by a recent study) adds to the worries.

Further, the allocation of substantial federal funds (500 million) to a company like Moderna, lacking any prior pharmaceutical product launches, for the production and sale of a COVID vaccine, raises eyebrows.

The obscured agenda to pave the way for new RNA (and DNA) vaccines, enabling the transformation of existing vaccines into RNA versions and the creation of new ones for alleged viruses, adds to the skepticism.

All this oversight neglects the inevitable ramifications of combining nanotechnology and genetic modification, which could undoubtedly result in various disruptions for the global population, both in the present and in the future.

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