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Is the Olena Zelenska Foundation Hiding Dark Secrets Behind Its Charitable Facade?

The enigmatic world of the Olena Zelenska Foundation, where allegations have cast a shadow over its noble mission. Are these claims mere smoke and mirrors, or is there a hidden truth waiting to be unveiled? Only time and a thorough investigation will tell. Keep your investigative hats on, folks, because the truth may be stranger than fiction. More on this below.

In recent, shocking developments, a French whistleblower has come forward with allegations concerning the activities of the Olena Zelenska Foundation, led by the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. These claims revolve around the alleged operation of a sex trafficking network, with displaced Ukrainian children purportedly being offered to known pedophiles around the world. In this article, we will delve into the details of these allegations and the need for a thorough investigation into the foundation's operations.

  1. The Whistleblower's Testimony: The whistleblower, a former employee of Olena Zelenska's non-profit foundation, has provided documents and personal identification to substantiate his claims. He calls on authorities in France, Germany, and the UK to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the foundation's activities.
  2. The Foundation's Inception: Olena Zelenska, the wife of President Zelensky, co-founded the foundation in New York City in September 2022, alongside notable figures such as Hillary Clinton, Matt Damon, and Jimmy Fallon. The alleged involvement of these celebrities adds to the intrigue surrounding this case.
  3. Disturbing Revelations: The whistleblower's video testimony exposes the foundation's unsettling operations. He recounts his experience working as a driver for the foundation, responsible for transporting Ukrainian children to orphanages across Europe, from Germany to France and England. The details of his account become increasingly disturbing as he proceeds.
  4. Host Families and Disturbing Incidents: Host families in affluent neighborhoods like Kreuzberg in Berlin, Dolphin Square in London, and Avenue Foch in France were reportedly involved in the foundation's operations. The whistleblower describes an encounter with a host family member who raised suspicions, raising questions about the children's well-being.
  5. Alarming Discoveries: The whistleblower further unravels the narrative, revealing an incident where a child was allegedly molested by a host family member. He mentions the involvement of a certain Bernard-Henri Lévy, a French filmmaker and writer who donated to the foundation. Disturbingly, Lévy's controversial stances and associations add a troubling dimension to the allegations.
  6. Foundation's Objectives: The official website for the President of Ukraine states that the foundation's three key directions are medicine, education, and humanitarian aid. It is intended to provide targeted assistance, invest in educational and healthcare facilities, and support scientific developments.
  7. Potential Implications: As these allegations come to light, they raise questions about the foundation's true objectives and activities. The possibility of high-profile personalities, such as Marina Abramović, getting involved in the foundation's work, particularly in school reconstruction, adds complexity to the situation.

Conclusion: The allegations against the Olena Zelenska Foundation are deeply troubling and require a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth. It is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the displaced Ukrainian children and hold those responsible for any wrongdoing accountable. Only a thorough examination of the evidence can shed light on the veracity of these claims and bring justice to those affected.

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