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Amish communities have emerged as a surprising success story in the fight against COVID-19. While the rest of America grappled with lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates, the Amish chose a different path. Rejecting vaccines and eschewing masks, they went about their daily lives, ultimately achieving herd immunity before the vaccines were even available. This remarkable outcome challenges the mainstream narrative surrounding COVID interventions and raises important questions about the effectiveness of certain measures. Let's delve into the Amish experience and explore the implications it holds for our understanding of the pandemic.

The Amish Approach: Normalcy Amid Chaos

Amid the chaos of the pandemic, the Amish community in May 2020 made a bold decision—they chose to return to normalcy. While the media predicted dire consequences and excess deaths for the Amish due to COVID-19, the reality proved to be quite the opposite. It is perplexing that this remarkable achievement remains largely unreported, as it challenges the prevailing establishment narrative.

Achieving Herd Immunity Naturally

The Amish community's achievement of herd immunity is a testament to the power of natural infection. Surprisingly, around 90% of the community had already contracted and recovered from COVID-19 by 2020, rendering vaccination unnecessary from their perspective. It is worth questioning the logic of vaccinating individuals who possess natural immunity, as it seems counterproductive and illogical. However, contrary to the Amish experience, the broader American population was advised to get vaccinated even after recovering from the virus, leading to significant implications for individuals' livelihoods and personal freedoms.

The Amish Approach: A Contrast to Mainstream Guidelines

To achieve herd immunity swiftly, the Amish community took a distinct approach that differed from the recommendations put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They did not rely on mainstream media or watch television, instead prioritizing their normal way of life. Additionally, they embraced the outdoors and ensured sufficient exposure to sunlight, a natural source of vitamin D. Furthermore, the community members took proactive measures such as consuming zinc supplements and, when necessary, utilizing drugs like ivermectin to treat COVID-19 symptoms.

Unveiling the Truth: Few COVID-Related Deaths Among the Amish

In contrast to the ongoing narrative, it is important to note that to this day, there have been only a few reported COVID-related deaths among the Amish community. The wisdom and resilience demonstrated by the Amish should not be overlooked, as it challenges the mainstream approach that emphasizes trust in pharmaceutical companies and the media. Steve Kirsch, a prominent figure, has even offered a substantial reward to anyone who can provide concrete evidence of more than a handful of unvaccinated Amish individuals who died from COVID-19 in Lancaster, PA, throughout the entire pandemic. So far, no such evidence has emerged.

Questioning the Narrative

Considering the scarcity of reported COVID deaths within the unvaccinated Amish community, a crucial question arises: If there were truly a significant number of excess deaths, why is it that hardly anyone can identify individuals who succumbed to the virus in this community? The Amish's achievement of herd immunity in March 2021 further strengthens the skepticism surrounding the vaccines' efficacy, especially if excess deaths are reported beyond this timeline. The Amish provide a unique case study, as they represent a fully "vaccinated" population through natural infection. If adverse outcomes occurred in 2021, it suggests that the vaccines, which should theoretically provide superior protection, may have even worse outcomes than natural immunity.

The Lessons We Should Learn

The Amish success story presents a crucial lesson: many of the measures taken in response to the pandemic may have been unnecessary. Businesses were needlessly destroyed, the economy suffered, and our children's education was disrupted without significant benefits. The medical community, CDC, FDA, NIH, and even political leaders should reflect on their response to the pandemic and acknowledge the possibility of their fallibility. Only a handful of exceptions, such as Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Bill Posey, demonstrated a willingness to listen to dissenting voices amidst the chaos. It is high time that the leaders of America reconsider their sources of information, shifting away from blind trust in institutions and instead actively listening to those they once dismissed as "misinformation spreaders."

A Call for Reevaluation and Open Dialogue

The suppression of dissenting voices, the erosion of free speech, and the dismissal of alternative perspectives hindered the progress in combating the pandemic. It is essential for the leaders of America to rectify this approach and abandon their reliance on trusted sources that may have led them astray. The CDC, mainstream media, and members of Congress should only regain our trust once they admit their mistakes, renounce censorship, and commit to genuinely considering all perspectives before making critical decisions.


The Amish communities' ability to achieve herd immunity while navigating the pandemic challenges the mainstream narrative surrounding COVID-19 interventions. By refusing vaccines, disregarding masks, and returning to normal life, they have demonstrated an alternative path to combatting the virus. The Amish experience encourages us to reevaluate the necessity and efficacy of various measures taken during the pandemic and underscores the importance of open dialogue, critical thinking, and learning from alternative perspectives. Let us remember the lessons the Amish have taught us and ensure that our responses to future crises are guided by a commitment to truth, unbiased research, and the preservation of individual liberties.

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