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The Metaverse Agenda: Zuckerberg’s Vision and Schwab’s 15 Minute Cities

In recent revelations, Mark Zuckerberg's collaboration with Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum has sparked concerns about the emergence of the "Metaverse." This digital realm, championed by Zuckerberg, is envisioned as a controlled 'reality' designed to reshape human existence.

Zuckerberg's Pursuit of Metaverse Dominance

For years, Zuckerberg has injected substantial resources into materializing his Metaverse concept-- a digital domain he not only conceived but intends to govern. His relentless dedication to this vision envisions the public's existence within the confines of the Metaverse, a notion supported by Klaus Schwab, who unveiled plans linking the Metaverse to the concept of 15 minute cities.

The Metaverse: A Global Shift

The agenda, long in development within the echelons of global elite, is now approaching implementation. For those who value individual freedoms, the time has come to take a stand against the impending scenario of rights being systematically eroded.

The Metaverse Landscape: Partnerships and Innovations

Despite apparent consumer apathy towards Zuckerberg's VR initiatives, his fixation on the Metaverse remains steadfast. Recent collaborations, such as the Meta-Ray-Ban partnership and alliances withh Tencent in China, highlight ongoing efforts to make VR more accessible and affordable.

Moreover, major brands like Coca-Cola are venturing into Metaverse-associated products, signaling a growing corporate embrace of this digital realm. Concurrently, the World Economic Forum's extensive backing of the Metaverse initiative amplifies the gravity of this technological shift.

WEF's Stance: Shaping the Metaverse Narrative

The World Economic Forum's expansive documentation and initiatives revolving around the Metaverse, including the "Defining and Building the Metaverse" project, underscore their commitment to its proliferation. Emphasizing its potential for businesses and forecasting increased youth engagement, the WEF presents a compelling narrative while aiming to intertwine 'Digital ID' and 'digital cash' seamlessly within the Metaverse framework.

The Dark Side of 15 Minute Cities

Klaus Schwab's vision for 15 minute cities entails an alarming absence of privacy, a crucial element stripped away from inhabitants. This erosion, an integral aspect of the 15 minute city concept, is portrayed as an inevitability-- one the global elite suggest we must adapt to, despite its intrusive nature.

A Dystopian Future Unveiled

The implications extend beyond privacy infringement. Discussions around limited travel and enforced reliance on VR technology indicate a reality where individuals are confined within 'open air supermax prisons,' where even the authenticity of food consumption is fabricated.

The Global Elite's Agendas Unveiled

Alarming narratives from various sources outline a future where normal food becomes a luxury reserved for the privileged, while the majority are coerced into consuming alternatives like insects or lab-grown substitutes due to deliberate manipulations of the food supply.

The Call to Action

These developments paint a stark picture of a world under the control of unelected entities. It's imperative to resist relinquishing our rights to these globalist agendas. The evidence speaks of a calculated agenda, one that mirrors attempted mass manipulation-- a crime against humanity.

A Time for Accountability

The pressing question arises-- should these global elites be granted amnesty for their orchestrated agendas? Or is it time for a reckoning akin to Nuremberg 2.0?

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