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FBI Confirms Pizzagate: Elite Pedophile Ring Exposed in Ongoing Investigation

In a significant revelation this week, the FBI emphatically confirmed the veracity of 'Pizzagate,' shedding light on an elite pedophile ring and its interconnected ties to high-profile personalities. The acknowledgement arrives in the wake of a series of apprehensions of public figures associated with Pizzagate, individuals who previously dismissed the controversy as mere conspiracy.

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Recent Developments and Detainment

Clint Harnden, previously associated with Texas A&M, was arrested earlier this month on charges of child pornography. Notably, the FBI discovered that Harnden had used the term "pizza" as a coded reference in online discussions related to child exploitation. This development is the latest in the ongoing investigation known as Pizzagate.

Clint Harnden's Arrest and Legal Proceedings

CLint Harnden, employed at Texas A&M, was apprehended on child pornography charges, as reported by currentrevolt.com. His attorney disclosed that TExas A&M permitted Harnden to continue work remotely, even amidst the legal proceedings.

Legal Proceedings and Revelations

Clinton Harnden, a resident of College Station, was recently indicted at a Houston Federal Courtroom for allegedly receiving and possessing child pornography. Following his arrest by the FBI on November 11th, Harnden has been subject to strict conditions, including house arrest at a relative's home, ankle monitoring, limitations on his travel, and a prohibition on interacting with minors or accessing the internet for non-work-related purposes.

Workplace Agreements and Disturbing Discoveries

Critical details emerged during the legal discourse, where Harnden's lawyer elaborated on his professional association with Texas A&M's Engineering Experiment Station. Statements revealed that accomodations were made to facilitate Harnden's remote work and utilization of accrued vacation days while in custody. However, sources from Texas A&M contradicted this, stating Harnden had not engaged in remote work post-arrest but had been on vacation leave.

Shocking Affidavit Reveals Startling Information

The FBI affidavit, written by a skilled agent in charge of the situation, explores distressing details about Harnden's apprehension. The report reveals troubling excerpts from Harnden's internet actions, highlighting the explicit and disturbing nature of the material he accessed and shared.

Gaining Insight into the Affidavit

The document details an examination into Harnden's online activity on their Tumblr page, using the pseudonym "ATXAGGIE2007," which revealed various posts and interactions that alluded to explicit content, including material depicting child sexual abuse. One specific post made by Harnden read, "Anyone giving out free pizza today," using the term "pizza" as a known euphemism for such illicit material.

Growing Apprehensions and Police Initiatives

The occurrence of such deplorable events within educational institutions raises questions about the extent and effectiveness of law enforcement in addressing these harmful elements.

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