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Unveiling the Circus of Childhood Vaccination

Picture this: a grand spectacle orchestrated by public health agencies, starring childhood vaccination schedules as the lead act. But behind the curtain lies a tale of absurdity and negligence that rivals the most farcical of comedies.

The Spectacular Expansion of Vaccination Schedules

In this wild ride, we witness the evolution of childhood vaccination schedules from a humble beginning of five doses in 1962 to a jaw-dropping 73 doses of 16 formulations by 2023. It's a growth spurt worthy of a Guinness World Record, all achieved without bothering with pesky safety testing.

Safety? What Safety?

Forget about rigorous safety testing-- who needs it? The FDA gave its stamp of approval with a casual wave of the hand, while the CDC conveniently ignored the cumulative impact on children's health. It's liek playing Russian roulette with a loaded syringe.

The Chronic Illness Circus

Step right up, folks, and behold the alarming rise of chronic illnesses among children! From a modest 12.8% in the 1980s to an eye-popping 54% in recent years, it's a statistical marvel that would make even the most seasoned circus ringmaster do a double take.

Government's GReat Data Houdini Act

Watch in amazement as government health agencies perform their greatest vanishing act yet: withholding crucial data on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. The Vaccine Safety Datalink, shrouded in mystery, holds the secrets of over 10 million individuals-- but sorry, folks, no peeking allowed!

Financial Shenanigans Under the Big Pharma Tent

Step right up and witness the magical world of financial conflicts of interest! Marvel as the CDC engages in billion-dollar deals with Big Pharma, all while maintaining a poker face of impartiality. It's a high-stakes game where the house always wins-- and guess who foots the bill?

Curtains Call for Transparency and Accountability

As the final act approaches, the audience demands answers. It's time to lift the veil of secrecy and hold public health agencies accountable for their circus antics. Let's pass legislation to force open the Pandora's box of crucial data and restore faith in the vaccination carnival.

In Conclusion: A Tragicomedy of Errors

And so, dear audience, we bid farewell to the circus of childhood vaccination-- a tragicomedy of errors that leaves us laughing through our tears. But amidst the chaos and confusion, one thing remains clear: it's time for the curtain to fall on this absurd spectacle, and for transparency and accountability to take center stage.

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