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Spreading Love and Kindness: Making a Difference Every Day

As the morning sun begins to rise And colors paint the waking skies A world of possibilities appears With all its hopes and its fears

The day ahead is a blank slate Waiting for us to make it great To fill it with moments of joy and love And blessings from the heavens above

Let’s seize this chance with all our might And make each moment shine so bright For in this fleeting thing we call time We have the power to make life sublime

So let’s embrace this new day’s dawn With hearts full of hope, and eyes to the morn, And know that whatever the world may bring We have the strength to do anything. With every step we take today, Let’s make sure it leads the way, To a better world, to a brighter light, To a future that’s more than alright.

Let’s spread kindness, let’s spread love, And be the light for those above, Let’s lend a hand, let’s be a friend, And let love and compassion never end.

For every little thing we do, Can change someone’s life, it’s true, Let’s make this world a better place, With each smile, each word, and each embrace.

And when the day comes to an end, Let’s look back and be proud my friend, Of all the good we’ve done today, And all the love we’ve sent our way.

For every day is a new chance, To make a difference, to take a stance, Let’s never give up, and let’s never cease, Until the world is filled with peace.

By Chris Wick

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