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Capitol Riot: A Masterclass in ‘Optics’ or a Genuine Security Failure? Did the National Guard Miss the Memo?

A riveting tale of bureaucratic acrobatics and impeccable "optics" that would make even the most skilled contortionist green with envy. Who needs timely intervention and well-prepared security measures when you can indulge in a bit of Capitol chaos for that perfect photo-op, right? Let's raise our glasses to the fine art of mismanagement and the unforgettable dance of political convenience. Just remember, in the grand spectacle of it all, the true stars were the ones who managed to outdo even the most masterful illusionists. Bravo!

In a riveting and explosive interview unveiled this week by Tucker Carlson, former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has made stunning revelations about a concerning "cover-up" linked to the infamous Capitol riot that transpired on January 6, 2021.

Delving into the Hidden Truth: A Bombshell Revelation

Carlson and Sund, having previously engaged in a comprehensive dialogue on the matter for Fox News, encountered an unexpected roadblock as the interview failed to see the light of day, languishing in obscurity.

Breaking Through Suppression: Evading Censorship

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A Resurgence of Truth: A Second Chance at Disclosure

With the inception of his independent show "Tucker on Twitter," Carlson seized the opportunity to welcome Sund into his studio once again, embarking on a follow-up interview to unearth the untold narratives surrounding the tumultuous events of January 6.

Championing the Cause: Empowering Citizen Journalists

Breaking ground, Vision News reports a revelation that carries immense weight. Sund's assertion reverberates with impact as he details House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) alleged refusal to grant authorization for the deployment of the National Guard at the Capitol. These claims are substantiated by Sund's fervent pleas, which fell on deaf ears. Furthermore, Sund's narrative points to an alarming lack of disclosure from federal agencies, withholding pivotal information and red flags indicative of impending turmoil.

The Quest for Truth: Unmasking the Disturbing Reality

Sund's words resonate deeply: "It's disheartening that a sincere pursuit of the truth appears to be lacking. The situation deteriorates with each layer uncovered, spiraling into a progressively graver state."

A Timely Intervention: Unveiling the National Guard's Role

In a pivotal turn of events, Sund was finally granted the green light to summon the National Guard at precisely 2:09 p.m. However, before attaining this critical approval, Sund embarked on an ardent quest, imploring numerous generals, including the notable General Michael Flynn, to secure the presence of the National Guard. Startlingly, these officials expressed reservations, citing concerns regarding the "optics" associated with the National Guard's involvement. Sund fervently sought their support to intercede in the escalating violence that was gripping the Capitol.

A Defining Moment: Desperate Pleas in the Face of Crisis

Sund's recollection of this pivotal juncture is etched with vivid clarity: "The situation took an unexpected turn. I pleaded relentlessly, the urgency ringing in my voice. At that very moment, an alert buzzed on my phone, piercing the air with the news of Ashli Babbitt's tragic shooting. The gravity of the situation couldn't have been clearer. I cried out over the line, 'Shots have been fired within the confines of the U.S. Capitol! Is this not a dire enough circumstance for immediate action?'"

Hours of Desperation: The Languishing Wait for Assistance

Sund's revelations continue to unfold, shedding light on a harrowing timeline. Astonishingly, the National Guard remained conspicuously absent until the clock struck 6 p.m., several agonizing hours after the fatal shooting that claimed Ashli Babbitt's life. Disturbingly, Sund also discloses a perplexing discrepancy—while resources were hastily deployed to the residences of esteemed generals, the very heart of democracy, the Capitol, stood bereft of the crucial reinforcements it so desperately required.

As the saga of January 6 unravels further, the revelations brought to light by former Chief Steven Sund underscore a cascade of concerning decisions and alarming omissions. The quest for transparency and accountability presses on, compelling us to confront the unsettling truths that continue to emerge from that fateful day in American history.

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