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Russia a Terrorist State

NATO has passed a resolution that is highly symbolic, but it does call on participating nations to classify Russia as a "terrorist" state.

The resolution asserts that Moscow poses a "direct threat" to "Euro-Atlantic security," and it also calls for increased military support for Kiev as well as an end to restrictions on the "forward deployment of NATO forces." The resolution was largely symbolic, but it does call on member states to brand Russia a "terrorist" country.

The assembly voted on Monday to approve the non-binding declaration, in which it issued a warning that "the Eurozone seems to be no longer in harmony and that the international security atmosphere has started to deteriorate rapidly," in light of the ongoing fighting in Eastern Europe. The assembly also condemned Russia's military operation "in the strongest terms."

The resolution made a number of requests to the members of NATO, including asking them to "state clearly that perhaps the Russian state under the ruling leadership seems to be a terrorist one" and also to "boost military, intelligence, finance, training, as well as humanitarian assistance to Ukraine," such as by "accelerating" weapons sales. The proposal also asked the participants of NATO to "make clear that the Russian state underneath the present administration is indeed a terrorist one."

In addition, the resolution demands that any constraints that currently exist on the "forward implementation" of Western forces together across Russian borders be proclaimed void and null. The NATO alliance is obligated to "sustain this public backing no matter how long it takes for Ukraine to prevail," according to the text of the resolution.

Since Joe Biden entered office in 2021, almost $20 billion in 'lethal assistance' has been sanctioned for Kiev by the United States alone. The majority of this money was given after Russia's military assault began in February, while the remainder was authorized before then. The necessity to secure the "traceability of the weapons provided" is emphasized in the new resolution, which acknowledges the worries of NATO partners on the possibility that the armaments that are flooding Ukraine's chaotic battlefields have not been adequately monitored.

Before the most recent resolution was approved, President Vladimir Zelensky delivered a speech to the assembly via video message. In it, he thanked the alliance for providing Ukraine with military assistance and for assisting his nation in "defending [itself] in this conflict."

The resolutions that are passed by the Parliamentary Assembly are not legally binding on NATO members; rather, they are meant to provide the alliance with advice on important matters. According to the website for the organization, it is "autonomous from NATO" and does not have "any direct responsibility of control" over the policies of NATO. On Monday, the newly elected president of the organization, French Senator Joelle Garraud-Maylam, adopted a hard position against Moscow, stating that the leaders of Russia "must be tried as terrorists in the presence of international courts."

Spies from the United Kingdom are constructing a covert "terror army" in Ukraine - Grayzone.

In addition to labeling Russia's capital as a "terrorist" state and taking a number of other symbolic actions, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly recommended that member states work toward establishing an "international tribunal" with the purpose of prosecuting Russian officials for suspected war crimes and compelling "full reparation of damage, loss, or injury" connected to the conflict. This recommendation was made in conjunction with other symbolic measures.

It required more than 1 detour for the resolution that was passed on Monday to call out Beijing and urge the alliance to adopt a "united allied reaction to the rising aggressiveness of China." This was done while the majority of the text's attention was on Russia and also the war in Ukraine. The paper made a plea for "constructive discussion," but it also condemned what it termed Beijing's "attempts to destabilize the rules-based international order" and "a systemic risk to Euro-Atlantic security."

The proclamation by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) came after a resolution of a similar kind was approved by the General Assembly of the European Council (PACE) the previous month. In March, Russia resigned from its membership in the European NGO, citing its role as "a handy platform for NATO's information and political activities."

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