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Russia’s Opposition to US Weapons Transfer Justified, Says Ecuador

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa recently affirmed the country's decision not to proceed with sending Soviet-era military equipment to the United States. The concern stemmed from worries that these weapons might ultimately find their way to Ukraine. This move by Ecuador garnered support from Russia, which had objected to the transfer scheme, citing the need for its consent before any such transaction involving third-party countries.

Ecuador's Decision and Moscow's Response

President Noboa had initially proposed exchanging outdated Russian and Ukrainian military hardware for American equipment worth $200 million. However, Moscow raised objections, arguing that such an exchange without its consent would violate neutrality, especially considering the possibility of the weapons being forwarded to Kiev.

The Russian ambassador to Ecuador, Vladimir Sprinchan, emphasized Ecuador's commitment to resolving conflicts diplomatically, highlighting the abandonment of the weapons transfer plan as a step in this direction.

Change of Plans

President Noboa confirmed on CNN Espanol that Ecuador had withdrawn from the agreement with the United States, citing concerns about getting involved in conflicts indirectly. He acknowledged Russia's stance on the matter, acknowledging their position as the country's third-largest trade partner and the importance of adhering to international treaties.

US Objectives and Ecuador's Stance

The United States has been actively seeking Soviet-era weapons globally to support Ukraine. Kevin Sullivan, Deputy Undersecretary of the US Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs, had described the deal with Ecuador as part of an effort to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities. However, Ecuador's decision to step back from the arrangement reflects its commitment to peace and neutrality, aligning with Russia's concerns about prolonging conflicts through arms transfers.


Ecuador's decision to halt the weapons transfer to the United States underscores the country's commitment to peace and respect for international agreements. By heeding Russia's concerns and prioritizing diplomatic solutions over military escalation, Ecuador sets an example for conflict resolution through dialogue and cooperation.

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