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WHO Chief Sounds Alarm: Independent Media Disrupts New World Order Agenda

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has raised concerns about indpendent media outlets hindering the progress of the New World Order (NWO) agenda by disseminating what he refers to as excessive truth. Admitting the challenges faced in achieving the elites' vision of global "security and equity," Tedros pointed to the impact of "fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories" propagated by indipendent media as an obstacle.

Tedros Challenges Independent Media's Narrative

In a recent statement, Tedros emphasized the difficulty of realizing the elites' goals, attributing the obstacles to the proliferation of information by independent media outlets. He dismissed claims that the WHO aims to seize sovereignty through measures like imposing lockdowns or vaccine mandates as "fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories." Tedros adamantly asserted that the WHO's recent agreement does not grant the organization any such powers.

Defense of the WHO's Agenda and Plea for Support

Expressing concern over the potential sabotage of the WHO's historic agreement by those spreading what he deems as misinformation, Tedros called on support from member nations. He emphasized the need to counter the alleged lies hindering the WHO's agenda for global health.

Response from Independent Media Figures

Alex Jones, founder of Infowars and a vocal critic of globalist agendas, responded to Tedros' statements, asserting that everything communicated by the UN during their COVID-related actions was a lie. Jones accused the WHO of deserving Nuremberg-style trials for alleged crimes against humanity, further claiming that the organization is hyping the release of a new virus to instigate panic and and push for a new UN pandemic treaty.

Former US President Donald Trump also joined the criticism, labeling the WHO as a "corrupt globalist scam" funded by the United States but controlled by China.

The Ongoing Struggle Against Globalist Agendas

As tensions rise between independent media and global institutions, the battle of narratives intensifies. The accusations and counter-accusations highlight the growing skepticism and mistrust surrounding international organizations and their perceived agendas. The ongoing struggle for information transparency and the pursuit of truth remain crucial in navigating the complexities of global health policies and initiatives.

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