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NHS Staff Directed to Administer Midazolam to Alleged Covid Patients

Amidst the ongoing debate and scrutiny surrounding the treatment protocols for Covid-19 patients, an official NHS document has come to light, confirming directives for the administration of Midazolam, a drug known to induce respiratory depression. Let's delve deeper into this controversial issue.

Unveiling Official Directives

The NHS, in its official documentation, explicitly instructed its staff not to withhold respiratory-depressing drugs, despite any reservations they may have had regarding their usage in treating Covid-19 patients. Specifically, Midazolam, a potent drug with the potential to cause life-threatening breathing complications, was mandated for administration to individuals alleged to have contracted the virus.

Understanding the Risks

Midazolam, while commonly utilized in palliative care scenarios in the UK, poses significant risks, especially when administered to Covid-19 patients. The drug's side effects include shallow breathing, slowed respiration, or even temporary cessation of breathing, which could result in severe brain damage or fatality. Regulatory bodies emphasize that Midazolam should only be administered in settings equipped to monitor vital signs and provide immediate life-saving interventions in case of respiratory distress.

Questionable Procurement and Usage

Despite the acknowledged risks associated with Midazolam, alarming revelations surface regarding its procurement and usage during the initial stages of the pandemic. In March 2020, amidst the imposition of the first lockdown measures, Matt Hancock and the Department of Health authorized the purchase of a two-year supply of Midazolam, depleting it within months. This procurement spree raises eyebrows, especially considering the drug's potential misuse in end-of-life care scenarios.

End-of-Life Care Controversy

An unsettling aspect emerges concerning the treatment of the elderly and vulnerable population during the pandemic. Reports suggest a systematic denial of treatment by the NHS, with individuals being transitioned into end-of-life care protocols. Shockingly, this involved the withdrawal of essential medications, coupled with the administration of Midazolam and morphine until death ensued due to starvation and dehydration.

Questionable Mortality Data

The correlation between the surge in Midazolam prescriptions and the reported Covid-19 deaths raises significant concerns. Data analysis reveals a disturbing trend, with the usage of Midazolam coinciding with spikes in all-cause mortality and Covid-19 fatalities. Furthermore, reports from organizations like Amnesty and CQC highlight the indiscriminate use of Do Not Resuscitate orders in care homes, without adequate disclosure to residents or their families.

Respiratory Distress in Covid-19 Patients

It's crucial to acknowledge the typical symptoms associated with severe Covid-19 illness, notably pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency. Patients often present with breathlessness, cough, weakness, and fever. Without timely intervention, respiratory failure can progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome, characterized by severe breathlessness.


The revelation of NHS directives mandating the administration of Midazolam to alleged Covid-19 patients raises pertinent questions about treatment protocols and ethical considerations during a public health crisis. As debates continue and investigations unfold, it's imperative to ensure transparency, accountability, and the prioritization of patient welfare in healthcare practices.


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