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In the midst of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the presence of SV40 sequences in mRNA vaccines has ignited a fiery debate. Could these vaccines be the accidental cancer-causing potion we never knew we needed? Dr. Janci Lindsay's shocking revelations leave us questioning the ingredients in our COVID-19 shots. Are we in for a vaccine-induced surprise? More on this below. Keep reading.

In recent times, concerns have arisen regarding the composition of mRNA vaccines, particularly in relation to the presence of sequences associated with cancer. Dr. Janci Lindsay, a prominent toxicologist, has voiced her apprehensions about these vaccines and their potential contamination with SV40 sequences, which were originally discovered in the polio vaccines of the 1950s. This article delves into Dr. Lindsay's testimony and the implications it carries for the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Contamination Revelation: Dr. Lindsay's Warning

Dr. Lindsay's testimony before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee has stirred significant controversy. She emphasized that individuals who participated in clinical trials received a "clean shot," while the vaccines administered to the general public contained contaminants. These contaminants, DNA, and plasmids, were found to harbor SV40 sequences, raising serious questions about vaccine safety.

The SV40 Sequences: Hidden Dangers

SV40 sequences, though not the complete SV40 virus, present a unique threat. They contain a nuclear localization sequence designed to transport plasma DNA directly into the nucleus of human cells. This sequence, unnecessary for bacterial growth purposes, prompts concerns about the integration of foreign DNA into human cells.

Intentional or Accidental? Dr. Lindsay's Perspective

Dr. Lindsay believes there might be "nefarious intent" behind including SV40 sequences in these vaccines. She highlights that these sequences were not disclosed to regulators, paralleling the historical controversy surrounding SV40 contamination in polio vaccines. The potential for SV40 sequences to integrate with human DNA, she argues, poses a significant risk, including the possibility of cancer development.

FDA's Knowledge: Silence Amidst Controversy

Shockingly, Dr. Lindsay alleges that the FDA is aware of this contamination but has taken no action. She implores the committee to reconsider the distribution of these vaccines, especially to vulnerable populations like children and pregnant women.

Protecting Citizens: Dr. Lindsay's Plea

In a heartfelt plea to lawmakers, Dr. Lindsay urges them to prioritize the safety of their citizens. She underscores the unprecedented nature of administering experimental products, particularly to high-risk groups. Dr. Lindsay calls for responsible decision-making and appeals to one state to set an example for others to follow.

A Call for Caution: Infowars' Ongoing Concerns

Dr. Lindsay's testimony adds to the growing concerns about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Infowars, through interviews with medical experts, has consistently raised questions about the potential cancer-causing elements within these vaccines. Dr. Lindsay's professional expertise as a toxicologist lends further weight to these concerns.


As the debate surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and their safety intensifies, Dr. Janci Lindsay's testimony raises critical questions about the presence of SV40 sequences and the potential risks they pose. While further research and investigation are necessary, her impassioned plea for the protection of citizens underscores the importance of diligent oversight and responsible decision-making in the realm of public health.

My last 2 Cents Worth:  Who knew vaccines could have a secret recipe for drama?

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