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Revealing the Internationalist Plan: Comprehending the Push for a ‘New Global Order’

Dr. Robert Malone, the brilliant innovator behind mRNA technology, offers a solemn caution: powerful individuals worldwide are deliberately organizing outbreaks of diseases as part of their plan to establish a 'New World Order'.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the efforts of international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to exert influence over national health policies, according to Dr. Malone. He believes this is a strategic move towards the ultimate goal of establishing a global government.

The growth of the United Nations has shifted its focus from promoting peace to exerting control. This process, which has been developing for many years, gained speed during the pandemic, resulting in international agreements that establish the UN as a governing force on a global scale. Beyond its initial mission of peacekeeping, the United Nations has now become a massive entity that influences global economics, migration, reproductive health, monetary systems, digital identities, environmental policies, agriculture, wages, climate interventions, and unified health efforts.

The UN's covert revolution seeks to unify and ultimately eliminate individual nationhood, consequently weakening distinct cultures, customs, faiths, and singular national characteristics.

Globalist Collaborations: Merging Powers
Partnering with globalist entities like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, CEPI, GAVI, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations consolidates its control.

The WEF-UN Nexus: A Plot Unveiled
The strategic accord between the WEF and the UN in 2019 marked a commitment to 'stakeholder capitalism,' enabling private enterprises to influence governmental policies. The WEF's blueprint during the pandemic, labeled the Great Reset, aimed at reconfiguring global governance, particularly concerning societal issues like climate change.

UN's Unseen Expansionist Agenda
The UN's sprawling authority extends through fourteen specialized organizations, including the WHO, surpassing the original charter's aims of ensuring peace and human rights.

Is the Agenda 2030 a Totalitarian Manifesto?
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was approved by every country in 2015, and it gives the United Nations an inflated global bureaucratic role. The 17 objectives and 169 targets of Agenda 2030 greatly infringe on areas of worldwide governance, causing the distinction between national sovereignty to become unclear.

The World Health Organization's initiative to implement a universal vaccination passport, endorsed by the G-20 and supported by the European Union, seeks to harmonize travel regulations worldwide. This move bolsters the United Nations' influence on global health policy.

The G-20 is working with financial institutions like the IMF and World Bank to develop digital currencies for central banks, using the pandemic as an opportunity to push for their introduction.

The UN's encroachment on authority, using public health as a cover, endangers personal privacy, the independence of nations, and the fundamental values outlined in the UN charter.

The Looming Global Administrative State
With the integration of international passports, digital currencies, Agenda 2030's tenets, and WHO amendments, the groundwork for a new world order is near completion-- a governance web ensnaring individuals and nations alike.

Preserving Independence: The Urgency to Act
To counter the advancing global control, it is essential for communities, countries, and the international community to join forces. It is vital to utilize legal means, enact laws, shape public opinion through media, engage in public advocacy, and uphold the power of national autonomy. It may be necessary to withdraw from the United Nations' vision of a new global order in order to protect personal liberties.

Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Collective Responsibility
Protecting personal and national sovereignty stands pivotal. A New World Order is unwarranted, unacceptable, and demands unequivocal rejection from both the populace and sovereign governments.

The insights presented by Jill Glasspool Malone during the International Crisis Summit at The Palace of the Parliament in Romania on Nov 18, 2023, cast a stark light on the imminent challenges posed by the advancing globalist agenda.

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