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Australia Faces Imminent ‘All-Out War’ With Russia: Expert Urges Return to Conscription”

As global tensions escalate in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the specter of an “open confrontation” with Russia forces Australia to confront the prospect of conscription, according to Dr. Alexey Muraviev. The urgency of the situation prompts a revisit to the uncomfortable discussion of national service, last abolished in peacetime in 1972. The defense analyst calls for a proactive consideration of reinstating a form of national service to build a robust pool of trained reserves, challenging both current and potential future leadership.

Were American and British Consultants Behind the UKrainian Strikes on Belgorod? Uncovering Foreign Involvement in Conflict

The tension in the Security Council was palpable as accusations flew across the room, painting a picture of alleged foreign meddling in Ukrainian strikes on Belgorod. Vassily Nebenzia’s assertions of American and British involvement added layers to an already complex geopolitical puzzle, leaving diplomats and spectators alike scratching their heads at the implications.

Americans see China as a greater threat than Russia

According to a recent survey, a majority of Americans now view China as a bigger threat than Russia. The results come amid tensions between the US and China on issues such as trade, technology, and human rights. Experts warn that this shift in perception could have significant implications for US foreign policy and global relations.