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Is Canada’s MAiD Expansion a Step Too Far? Can Babies Consent to ‘Assisted Dying’?

In a world where even babies may be asked to weigh in on their life choices, we must ask, can Canada's MAiD expansion pass the baby test? When rattles are replaced with ethical dilemmas, what's the real formula for consent? More on this below. Keep reading for our unexpectedly thought-provoking hot take.

The Trudeau government has recently made headlines with its decision to expand Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying program (MAiD) to include infants. This controversial move allows doctors to euthanize young children, a decision that has ignited a fierce debate. In this article, we will explore the implications of this decision and its potential consequences for society.

The True Nature of MAiD

The Medical Assistance in Dying program, often referred to as MAiD, was initially presented to the Canadian people as a humane way to end the lives of elderly individuals who no longer wished to be a burden and had no quality of life left. However, critics argue that the program is far from what it claims to be.

A Eugenics Death Cult

In reality, some critics claim that MAiD could be seen as a eugenics death cult. They argue that the program may be designed to depopulate society by targeting citizens who, in the government's view, may be more valuable dead than alive. The concern is that this expansion to include infants may exacerbate these fears.

Klaus Schwab's Influence

Some conspiracy theorists suggest that Klaus Schwab, known for his involvement with the World Economic Forum (WEF), has a sinister influence on the Canadian government. While these claims should be taken with caution, it's essential to consider the impact of influential individuals on government decisions.

The Issue of Consent for Infants

One of the most significant concerns surrounding the expansion of MAiD is the inability of infants to provide consent for such life and death decisions. Young children have a natural desire to live, play, and be cared for by their parents. The idea that they could be subjected to "assisted dying" without the capacity to consent is a troubling ethical dilemma.

The Convenience Factor

The question arises: when should babies be subjected to MAiD? The government suggests that it should be in cases of existential suffering or fragility. However, infants under one year old cannot make such choices. Therefore, the term "assistance in dying" may not be entirely fitting, as it implies consent that isn't possible. Instead, some fear that this expansion may lead to the termination of infants for the convenience of parents and doctors who no longer wish to deal with challenging situations.

Allegations of State-Sanctioned Infanticide

Conspiracy theories allege that the globalist elite is involved in state-sanctioned infanticide, where the MAiD program could serve as a cover for the exploitation of children's blood and organs, with the intent to sell them to international VIP elites. It is essential to acknowledge these claims as unverified and sensational, but they add to the overall concern about the program's expansion.

The Quebec Proposal

Quebec's College of Physicians has proposed a seemingly sensible approach, referring to infants suffering from "unbearable pain" and requiring euthanasia approved by a doctor and consent from both parents. While this may appear as a safeguard, it raises questions about whether it truly protects infants from ill-considered euthanasia decisions.

The Case of Dr. Green

One case that has sparked controversy is that of Dr. Green, a physician who has already euthanized over 300 Canadians. In an eerie profile, she expressed her enthusiasm for her job, suggesting that she found her calling in administering euthanasia. This raises concerns about the intentions of doctors who may have similar sentiments, especially when dealing with infants.


The expansion of Canada's MAiD program to include infants is a contentious and emotionally charged issue. While the government argues that it aims to provide a humane option for those in dire circumstances, critics raise valid concerns about consent, convenience, and the potential for abuse. As the program continues to evolve, it is crucial for society to engage in open and transparent discussions to ensure the rights and well-being of the most vulnerable among us are protected.

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