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In a recent, heart-wrenching revelation, Sophie Ottaway shared her poignant story in an editorial published by The Daily Wire, titled "Doctors Performed A Sex Change Operation On Me At Two-Days-Old. I Found Out Decades Later." This powerful narrative sheds light on the profound implications of gender ideology and the suffering endured by its unsuspecting victims.

The Shocking Discovery:

At the age of 22, Sophie Ottaway embarked on a routine visit to the doctor's office, unaware of the life-altering revelation that awaited her. During this visit, she learned a stunning truth - she had been born male. Astonishingly, just two days after her birth, doctors had made the decision to remove her "split penis and testes" and directed her parents to raise her as a female, all while concealing this pivotal fact from Sophie, purportedly for her psychological well-being. Now, at 37, Sophie has chosen to share her story, detailing the arduous journey she undertook to reconcile with her identity and her body.

A Childhood Marred by Deception:

Sophie enjoyed a mostly happy childhood in the North of England, but her life was marred by deception on multiple fronts. Both her parents and physicians misled her, attributing her ongoing urological issues to a "rare birth condition." She was informed that she had been born with ovaries, but due to her condition, they had been damaged and removed at birth. As she approached her teenage years, the consequences of this condition became evident as her menstruation never commenced, and she was prescribed estrogen. Her lack of a vagina and the confusion surrounding her identity led to a dark period of depression, exacerbated by her struggles with her sexual orientation.

A Shocking Revelation:

Sophie's journey took a dramatic turn when she accidentally stumbled upon her birth records on a doctor's computer screen during a routine checkup. What she discovered triggered 13 years of denial and anger towards her parents and the medical system. Eventually, a specialist in Manchester provided a diagnosis: cloacal exstrophy, a rare birth condition affecting only 1 in 400,000 live births. This condition severely impacts the lower abdominal organs, leading to various complications. For Sophie, it resulted in a penis split into two halves.

Researching medical papers on her condition, Sophie uncovered a disconcerting truth: in the 1980s, it was common practice for surgeons to reassign the gender of male babies born with cloacal exstrophy. Many infants underwent surgeries in which their penis and testes were removed, and a pseudo-vagina was created. Shockingly, patients were often never formally informed of their birth gender and left to discover this information by accident or not at all.

A Lifelong Struggle:

In 2021, Sophie experienced excruciating pain, leading to hospitalization. An attending surgeon, upon discovering Sophie's history of sex change at birth, determined that the emergency was caused by a "failed pseudo-vagina left in my abdomen from an earlier surgery." This revelation was a breaking point for Sophie, prompting her to question the purpose of these surgeries on an infant and raising concerns about potential medical experiments.

Searching for Answers:

Sophie's quest for answers faced resistance initially. Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust claimed to have destroyed relevant medical records, and healthcare professionals avoided Sophie's inquiries. A meeting with the original surgeon led to the doctor's assertion that he was merely following the medical pathways established at the time. A colleague suggested researching Dr. John Money, a key proponent of "gender identity" theories that have influenced the transgender movement's ideology.

The Influence of Dr. John Money:

Dr. John Money's theories, notably tested on twin boys Brian and Bruce Reimer, had far-reaching implications. The tragic story of the Reimer twins serves as a poignant example. Brian's penis was damaged during a botched circumcision, leading Money to encourage the parents to raise him as a girl named Brenda, complete with a pseudo-vagina. After years of depression and identity struggles, Bruce eventually transitioned back to a male, adopting the name David. Tragically, both brothers met untimely ends, underscoring the devastating consequences of Money's experiment.

The Road Ahead:

Sophie speculates that her surgeries may have been influenced by Money's flawed ideologies, leading to the possibility that many children were unwitting participants in a disturbing medical experiment. Despite considering detransitioning, Sophie opted against it due to the physical and physiological challenges it presented. Her story highlights the complex emotional and physical dilemmas faced by those who have undergone sex change treatments.


Sophie Ottaway's journey serves as a stark reminder that the battles over gender ideology transcend theory; they profoundly impact individual lives. As we continue to navigate these complex issues, we must be prepared to support and minister to individuals like Sophie, who have been affected by the transgender medical industry's practices. Their stories will continue to emerge, and our responsibility is to offer understanding, acceptance, and relief from their suffering.

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