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Robbery Suspect Hospitalized After Being Slapped by Peel Police Officer

After a Peel police officer physically injured the defendant in the hospital, the Ontario Superior Court Judge Thomas Bielby decided to suspend the proceedings against the defendant, a 20-year-old man who was suspected of armed dog robbery in December 2019.

After taking a nine-week-old American Bulldog puppy named Tarzan from an online Kijiji auction, the guy had inadvertently shot himself in the leg. The victim of the attack was shackled on one wrist, was under the influence of medicine, was resting in a hospital bed, and was awaiting surgery for both a broken leg and a gunshot wound at the time of the incident.

The judge came to the conclusion that the officer "took advantage of the circumstances the applicant was in" and that "there was no justification for what transpired."

According to the man's testimony, one of the policemen responded with "suck a dick" when he requested if he could speak with an attorney after being arrested. His evidence indicates that he and the same police started insulting each other, and he criticized the officer's personal appearance during the exchange. The officer proceeded to smack the victim three times while simultaneously holding down the man's uncuffed wrist and calling him a "pussy." The judge found that the fact that the guy was provoked is not a valid cause for hitting him.

The breach of solicitor-client confidentiality is also being investigated by Peel police's professional standards section, which is continuing its probe into the officers involved in the incident.

Before testifying, the two cops who were engaged in the attack arrived at the courthouse together, ate lunch, and reviewed the case. One of the officers said that he needed the other to activate his memory, so they testified together.

This revelation was seen as "troubling" by the court, which went on to say that it "suggests cooperation."

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