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Did the CIA Recruit Hijackers?

The argument over the role of US intelligence services in the attacks of September 11 has been rekindled as a result of a recently leaked court file. According to the dossier, at least two of the 19 individuals who are suspected of being "hijackers" may have been recruited by the CIA.

Despite the fact that this is not new knowledge, it does give weight to the assumption that the CIA, FBI, and maybe even other alphabet organizations must have had some involvement in the attacks. However, the court filing focuses primarily on the "intelligence failures" that led to the attacks. It does not go so far as to reveal the extent to which the CIA was involved in any way.

The filing makes reference to anonymous testimony from high-ranking officers in both the CIA and the FBI. Even while this might raise some red flags, it is not unusual for internal sources to maintain their anonymity. Skepticism, on the other hand, should be the lens through which such material is viewed.

The reality of the matter is that the identities of the hijackers were provided by the FBI, and almost all of the information that we have about them originates from sources within US intelligence or the 9/11 Commission Report. When it was discovered that at least four of the individuals on the first list of suspects were still alive and had no connections to terrorism, even the initial list of suspects that the FBI had compiled was called into doubt.

The filing in court has also triggered a fresh round of discussion over the so-called "Saudi links" to the attacks. This leads one to believe that at least two of the hijackers were involved in a collaborative intelligence operation between the CIA and Saudi Arabia that may have been botched.

Since the beginning of the 9/11 Truth movement, the accepted narrative has been that the attacks were carried out by Saudi Arabia. Even mainstream media outlets have reported on "suspicious links" between the Saudi government and al Qaeda. These links have been reported to exist between the two parties.

However, in the grand scheme of things, it does not matter where the hijackers came from or who they worked for. Neither of those things is relevant information. The fact that the buildings were not brought down by the planes is what really counts. It's like asking what sort of saw a magician used to chop a lady in two and then debating whether or not that's relevant to the discussion of who was flying the aircraft and why. In doing so, one is engaging in the analysis of an illusion rather than viewing the truth.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the court document lends credence to the notion that the CIA played a role in the events of September 11, it is imperative that individuals approach such material with a healthy amount of skepticism. Discovering the truth and demanding accountability from those responsible are the only things that truly matter.

Have the explosions rendered the receipts for the missing money from Saudi Arabia, which amounts to trillions of dollars, useless?

Is it true that the government of Saudi Arabia released 10,000 pages of lies designed to cover something up?

Is it true that businesses in Saudi Arabia made billions of dollars in profit as a direct result of their country's "war on terror" and invasion of Iraq?

On the morning of September 11, 2001, did the military of Saudi Arabia practice hijacking planes or suspend usual procedures for air defense, or did they do neither?

No, they didn’t.

At the end of the day, only one government was able to profit from the attacks of September 11, only one government was capable of carrying out those attacks, and only one government carried out those attacks.

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