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In preparation for yet another influenza pandemic, the World Health Organization (abbreviated as "WHO"), with assistance from the usual culprits, is constructing a narrative. This time around a new avian flu virus rather than a novel coronavirus is the culprit.

A recent crossover of bird flu to mammals has prompted the World Health Organization to issue a warning that although the danger to people is now minimal, it cannot be expected that this will stay the case in the foreseeable future. As a result, the WHO is collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to secure enough supply of vaccinations.

The information that is being published is the target of an aggressive campaign by both your government and Big Tech, which is being conducted in order to fulfill their own goals.

It is said that the H5N1 strain of the avian influenza virus was discovered in a mink farm outbreak in the Galicia area of Spain in the month of October 2022:

The H5N1 virus was discovered to belong to the current clade that is circulating in wild birds and poultry on various continents. It is most closely linked to a strain that is present in seabirds throughout Europe, according to the findings of a more in-depth genetic investigation of the virus.

The researchers discovered that the H5N1 virus contains a rare mutation that has only ever been seen in one other animal, a European polecat. They also discovered that the mutation may have developed on its own in the mink.

CIDRAP reports on the H5N1 avian flu epidemic that was discovered in a mink farm in Spain on January 20, 2023.

A spokeswoman for the WHO disclosed to Real News Cast that H5N1 infected 4 persons throughout the globe in 2013, of whom one succumbed to the virus. Despite the fact that he stated that one person out of 8 billion had died over the course of a year, he seamlessly transitioned into a fear-mongering narrative without so much as a hint of irony: "Avian flu poses an ongoing threat to human health due to its potential to cause a future pandemic and therefore strong disease surveillance remains critical."

In a video message released on Wednesday, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that instances of avian influenza in minks, otters, foxes, and sea lions that have been recorded in recent weeks need to be followed attentively. According to what he had indicated, "For the time being, the WHO regards the danger to people as minimal."

Tedros drew attention to the fact that there has only been "rare and non-sustained" transmission to and between people ever since the H5N1 virus first appeared in 1996. This was the case. "However, we cannot presume that this will continue to be the case, and we must instead make preparations for any changes that may occur to the status quo."

Additionally, WHO is trying to guarantee that supplies of vaccinations and antivirals would be accessible in the event that the worst-case scenario occurs. Tedros said that WHO was maintaining engagement with manufacturers over this issue.

The Director-General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Has Stated That "We Must Prepare" for a Potential H5N1 Human Bird Flu Pandemic.

On the same day, February 8th, Bloomberg released an article that blamed human behavior for climate change, which is an incorrect interpretation of the dominant narrative around this topic. With the dramatic headline "Bird Flu Got to the Minks," this piece was written by a social media editor for Bloomberg Opinion. In the article titled "Are Humans Next?," the first phrase goes as follows: "An increasing demand for meat and dairy products elevates the danger of animal viruses." The article is only accessible after paying for it, but the author, the title, and the first phrase probably tell us all we need to know about it: it is a work of propaganda.

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