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Ten Signs and Symptoms of Covid and Ten Signs and Symptoms o…

Dr. Vernon Coleman supplies a succinct list of the 10 signs connected with covid and the covid injections. The list of signs is not the very same.

The British Government has actually kindly simply provided a list of the signs related to covid-19 (the rebranded influenza). Here is the list:

Aching throat
Runny nose
Modification to a sense of odor
Anorexia nervosa
Obstructed nose

And now here is the list of 10 signs related to the covid-19 jab:

Death from myocarditis
Death from stroke
Death from severe myocardial infarction
Death from sleeping sickness
Death from anaphylaxis
Death from pericarditis
Death from embolism
Death from an infection associated to a broken body immune system
Death from thrombocytopenia
Death from the multisystem inflammatory syndrome
Readers might like to compare the 2 lists. To assist your federal government spread out the fact, please share these lists.

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

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